Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend update

Not too much happening around here....except a lot of boredom and wishing it would stop raining.  We are in serious cabin fever mode and I love snow but I'm over the loss of routine. I never knew how much we all relied on it. 

Friday, work was cancelled (not sure why because roads were fine....they're just college kids anyway...they won't slip walking from their dorm....)  My plan was to take Emma to daycare and have a day to regroup for myself. But daycare didn't have power so they were closed (seriously?!?) 
So we went crafting instead and got every Spring/Easter thing we could find!

Saturday, I went to PopUp for a 90 minute class. It was awesome! 

I burned over 800 calories during the class, then by the time I got home, had burned over 1000:)

Emma and I went grocery shopping that afternoon. We also went to the bathroom THREE times while in there. THREE times. She kept asking me whether I was going after, I don't have to pee every 5 minutes!  As frustrating as it was, I was really proud of her. We've started to try and not rely on pull-ups when in public and she's doing great. 

That night, my sweet parents kept Emma so Brent and I could get away for a few hours. We went to Local 22 and it was delicious. We kept joking because we ate at 6:15pm so we were done by 7:45pm ( we're OLD). 

No one goes home before 8 on a date night, so we did what anyone else would do....Target sans kid!!  What can I say? We really know how to live it up!

Sunday morning was nasty and freezing rain, so we opted to make a fire and blueberry pancakes and skip church.  We did venture out later for a trip to Lowe's.

We are SOOO ready for a normal week - but I must say, I'm not really feeling going to work on Monday:(  I will certainly miss these 2 sweet faces!

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