Monday, October 16, 2017

Beach trip

The last weekend of September, we headed to Duck for a family beach trip.  The weather was actually really pleasant, and while we didn't swim in the ocean, Emma loved the pool at the house.  

We actually had a very uneventful trip down...and I was REALLY worried about it.  It didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would, and Merritt did fine, despite leaving later afternoon, which was not optimal.  She slept for the first hour and a half, then I scooted back to entertain the girls.

We celebrated with a trip to Brew-thru when we arrived.  Why are these not in Durham/Chapel Hill????!!!!! (Don't answer that...I know why...because of people LIKE ME)

We went driving on the beach the first day, all the way up past Corolla on Hwy 12

And weirdly enough, there is a whole community up there only accessible by 4WD.  It's crazy!!!

It was too cold to be on the beach, and too windy and rough, but I took advantage of hanging out by the pool for a bit.

And we did walk to the beach, about a block away

Merritt doesn't nap well, so we took a walk one afternoon, just me and Brent.  It kind of felt like a date!  We really enjoyed walking, talking, and a sleeping babe:)

Emma enjoyed being with her cousins!!

and we tried for a family shot...

Saturday was Brent's birthday, so we got up to watch the sunrise and have Duck donuts:)

We had a blast for summer's last hooray!

Friday, October 13, 2017

First Lost Tooth!

(Alas....this happened about 3 weeks ago but I'm pretty behind these days in blogging...)

Emma lost her first tooth!!  Everyone says it's an official rite of passage into being a big kid, which makes my sad:(  She's so grown.....
She was completely freaked out at first - it had been wiggly but while eating pizza, it really came loose and was hanging by a thread.  There was blood everywhere and Emma was screaming.  Brent was, of course, late coming home.  It was really wiggly at this point and I really wanted it to come out before bed....mainly so it could be done with!  I knew Emma wouldn't sleep well and would worry about it, and Lord knows she wasn't going to eat until it came out either.
When Brent got home, Emma had calmed down but she DID NOT want him to pull it out, so he just kept asking to see it and finally pulled it out.  She didn't even know it but when he showed it to her, she got all upset...but only for a minute.
I was totally unprepared and only had a $10 the Tooth Fairy gave a special gift for the FIRST tooth....which we emphatically explained:)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Life in pictures

Here's a look at what we've been up to the past few weeks!!  Enjoy:)

Pulling up on her own now!

Emma and I had a date to the movies - we saw Leap and had popcorn, chocolate cake, and wine:)  It was a lot of fun with my big girl!

Out for breakfast on a Saturday while dad works!

I had 4 hours away from the kids to show some of my pieces at the Five Points Fashion Show.  Loved seeing all of my work displayed:)

Botanical Gardens for a picnic and some hiking....loving the outdoors and hoping for some fall temps to better enjoy it!

One last lake trip - Mama Val loving on Merritt!

This newly remodeled farmhouse is absolutely gorgeous and can be rented out if you're ever in Gates, NC:)

Emma's a big fan of fields!

Pretty sure I could do dishes all day to this view!

And sit here with a glass of wine every evening.....
Poor Emma has a case of strep throat....came on super fast one night.  Hoping she gets better soon and doesn't share it.

Meanwhile, this one is full speed ahead.  Crawls at lightning speed, especially if she has something she's not supposed to:)

She loves to clap and wave - LOVE!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Catching up!

It's been awhile since I've posted, so I'll try to recap here without being too long-winded!  

First up...SLEEP.  I am happy to report that things literally did a 180 on us about 2 weeks ago.  I literally hit the "Pay" button on a sleep coach for a training plan, and before I could even read it all and start, Merritt started sleeping soo much better.  She has been sleeping through the night, or only getting up once (that's happened only 4 times).  She went from getting up 1-2 hours after I initially put her down and then 3-4 hours after that, to going to around 7:30-8 and sleeping until about 5.  She still needs a small feeding at 5 and then sleeps until 7.  Life is so much better - my anxiety is down, I am almost too rested (it's amazing how you get used to no sleep!), and I just feel happier.  I do know that things could change at any moment, so I am armed and ready with our sleep plan (stages for teaching Merritt not to nurse to sleep, and put herself to sleep at night and for naps).  

NURSING - When Merritt was not sleeping and up all night, I had a hard time weaning or trying to wean her for some feedings because she was keeping my milk supply way up.  Now that she's leveled out, we are doing much better.  She still nurses in the morning and at night, and only one other time during the day.  The rest of the feedings are babyfood and 2 formula feeds.  She's doing much better with her drinking and is downing at least 8 ounces of formula a day.  I think she has finally figured out how to drink consistently.  Again - I felt a huge weight lifting from me with this new step!

FOOD - I was worried about Merritt's inability to want to eat finger foods.  But, she has mastered this as well:)  I feed her organic jar baby food (I just like how much thicker it is), yogurt melts, cheerios, and puffs.  She's also had small pieces of cheese, bread, and pumpkin muffin.  

SCHEDULE - I admit I miss summer and it's spontaneity but I also believe that a schedule has been really good for all of us.  I take Emma to school at 8:45 and Merritt always falls asleep on the way home.  I let her stay in the car (with it running in the driveway), and she sleeps for about an hour to an hour and a half.  It's not perfect, but it works for us right now.  I go inside and clean, get things done, and sometimes just sit and do nothing for a few minutes:)  She doesn't transfer well, so I'm not messing with her once she falls asleep.  We go to get Emma at lunchtime - I wanted Emma to stay for lunchbunch more often, but her school raised the price from $6 to $8 a day, which I think is insane.  I truly value the work her teachers do, but that's a big jump, and for those who don't work - a lot of money.  She won't be able to stay but once or twice a week:(  I have been packing our lunch and we try and have a picnic or run an errand during this time.  We stay out until about 2:30 and the head home, where of course Merritt falls asleep in the car (stop judging), and we let her sleep while we go inside.  Because Merritt nurses to sleep, I haven't had much luck with naps lately.  I was spending 30-45 minutes nursing her to sleep only to put her down and she wake up.  For right now, this method is working, and I'll work on it later! 

EMMA - Miss Emma is on year 2 at preschool and I think she's doing fine.  I still question whether she needs more stimulation during the day (more than what 3 hours can give), so I am finding afternoons challenging sometimes.  I think I've found that if I take us somewhere after school, that helps.  She doesn't want to do any activities, and while I wish she did, I also don't want to chase a crawling baby around while we wait at some activity.  Trying to entertain a 10 month old in public places isn't easy, or sanitary.

That's it for now!  I'll post some pics in another post of what we've been up to.  We are headed to the beach today if Emma starts to feel better - she has strep throat:(  We are all hoping she didn't share it with anyone else!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Current faves...

Some things that make my life a bit easier and more enjoyable:)

1. Target's Threshold collection
I did a huge house cleaning one weekend...well WE did it (thanks, Brent)  We cleaned places I didn't even know existed and I went through A TON!  I threw 2 huge trashbags outs of old things (a lot from the bathroom).  I got a new rug for our bath area (where the sinks are), and I LOVE it.  I love a fancy rug in a spot where you wouldn't expect a bathroom or kitchen.  And by fancy, I mean from Target:) 

2. Beautycounter Rejuvenating Toner Pads
These smell great and leave my skin feeling refreshed.  I didn't get what a toner was, but it's supposed to even out your skin's pH (or something like that😛).

3. Aveda Botanical Face Lotion
This stuff is awesome - lightweight, but super moisturizing.  I have really dry skin, so I can't wash it often (thus, I use face wipes a lot).  This has never made my skin feel tight or dry, and I LOVE the herbal smell!!

3. Beaded scarf necklace
I really want a Roarke or Mignonne...but they're not in the cards with this current budget:(  So, when I spotted these at a boutique, I knew I had to get one!!  They are so fun - dressed up with a fancy dress or just with a plain tee.  I see lots of possibilities:)  The only time I wore it so far, I got so many I think it's a winner!

4. Sunski sunglasses
After having to repair my Costas (and dropping way more than should be possible), I decided to try these.  I can't say enough good things about them.  They are light n the face, really cute, and sooooo affordable.  I may never buy a nice pair again.... They come in lots of styles.  REI and Hollister carry them in stores, or you can order them (best bet).

5. FL GA Line
This album is awesome....perfect for riding around:)

6. Glass Shadow box
I love to keep my jewelry out, so I can see it.  But I don't like it colleting dust or tarnishing, so these boxes are great.  Plus, they look super pretty on your counter or bureau:)

7. New jewels...
And speaking of jewelry, I've been busy making new pieces for Nofo's first Five Points Fall Fashion week.  I admit finding time to make these, and be in the creative mood, is more challenging these days:)  But at the end of the day, I'm proud to be selling these and love making styles that are affordable for everyone.  These pics are AWFUL...and my next big project will be figuring out how to photograph my work:(

Hope everyone has a great weekend - we are keeping it low key at home (Brent is working Saturday), and have no real commitments....soooo glad to relax and not have anything to do ( much as that can happen with 2 kids!)