Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Life lately...

I am so behind on blogging.....like a whole month behind!  It's March now, and Merritt is now walking all over the place!  Praise the Lord! Errands are easier and harder all at the same time.  I am thankful we aren't crawling all over the floor anymore, but this new freedom also means lots of wanting to move around.

We started out doing,ots and lots of laps with this walker.  This girl loves to be outside!  It does not matter how cold or wet it is.

This is exactly why I wanted her to walk - crawling on the ground is no fun!

Our weather has been all over the place.  We had a really warm February, and while it was nice, I knew it wouldn't last.

Emma is getting soooo big...like who is this kid???

A former student invited us to visit her home in Bynum, and we had the best time with them. her and her husband are amazing and super talented.  Check out their band!

She's already too cool for me:)

Emma got this trike when she turned one...and Merritt has been loving neighborhood strolls in it.  Actually, we go out almost every single afternoon when she wakes up from her nap.

Emma had pajama day, and she's obsessed with long dresses, nightgowns....etc.  

Practicing our walking at the mall!

I had to get the car serviced so we walked to Chubby's tacos for a girl lunch.  Merritt was super tickled about her newfound love of disobeying me and standing up in her highchair.

Emma found my old phone and immediately did this with it - ahhhh...shake my head!  What is it with this generation and the selfies???!!!!

Emma had a playdate and Brent was out washing cars...they joined in, willingly.  Win-win!!

One of our many walks!

Love, love seeing the girls sit together!

Brent went snow skiing for 5 days in Colorado.  I stayed here.  With the kids.  It was fun.
Sort of......

Emma was great company and did my workout with me while Merritt napped.  

Again....outside. In the cold!

Snuggling with grandpa!  The best:)

Hey mom...look at me!!

Enjoying daddy being home, finally!

Merritt doesn't quite sit well at these chairs so Emma made a fort of pillows around her in case she fell!

There was a bead show in Mebane, so I left M behind and took Emma with me!  We had a blast and ate lunch at Cracker Barrel!

It's raining and cold...and yet, here we are again...outside.

I have no idea why I have to buy so much toilet paper.

We had one small wintry blast, and M was not amused.

This big girl wrote her alphabet all by herself in the car one day.

Lazy weekend swinging..

I had to document this...check these cankles out!

Snowing one day...warm the next.

Emma is loving showering and getting herself made up...I have a full blown girly girl for sure.

We enjoyed a beautiful weekend outside...love these peeps!!!

Friday, February 16, 2018


I haven't done a favorites post in awhile...but I wanted to share a few things I am loving lately.

Trader Joe's zucchini spirals

Man, these are delicious!!  I just thaw in the pan on the stove, and add a tiny bit of butter and some salt and pepper.  A great vege side!

Amazon Echo Dot

Brent got this for me for Christmas, and I initially was not that excited.  I love it now though!  I love not worrying where my phone is and just asking her to play music or read me the weather.  We have a Sonos downstairs that I LOVE, so Alexa is my upstairs gal:)

Aveda face cream

I have the light weight lotion for summer, and loved it.  But in the winter, I need a bit more hydration.  This is perfect - thicker, but not cakey.  And I love the scent - kind of herbal and earthy and spa-like.  I also think they're products are very affordable and last a long time.

 Papersource large calendar

I got this last fall, and everyone who sees it when they come in loves it.  I love it because it keeps us organized.  I still have a small planner I carry around, but this one is helpful to see the whole month.  I buy magnet strips that adhere to the back and put it on my fridge.

Matching pom pom hats

I saw these on an Instagram account and knew Merritt and I HAD to have them.  And they were $9.99....TOTAL!  So far, we have not worn them at the same time...but don't worry - there's still more winter left!

Tom's wedge booties

First, they are on sale here.  Second, I think I'm like the last person to join this fashion train, but I love how comfy these are.  I basically live in my Dansko booties, but I wanted a different option that wasn't black.  My only wish - they were waterproof:(  It has suddenly started to feel like a wet, rainy spring around here, and that makes this winter loving girl sad!

I am loving having more free time to bead again, now that we are out of the one year baby blues:)  I met my favorite supplier at her warehouse and had a blast with Emma picking out new strands.

I even experimented with some leather for myself. 

A little peak of the store display:)  There is an awesome tree branch holding most of the necklaces in the window...but the lighting was too weird to snap a pic.  Go see them - Nofo has awesome one of a kind gifts and delicious eats!!

With my new role at Brent's store, I won't be able to fully devote much time to beading (and honestly, I never really did in the past), but for now, I'm loving having some time to still sell some pieces at Nofo and use my creativity some.

So that's a wrap on some things I am loving now!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!