Friday, February 16, 2018


I haven't done a favorites post in awhile...but I wanted to share a few things I am loving lately.

Trader Joe's zucchini spirals

Man, these are delicious!!  I just thaw in the pan on the stove, and add a tiny bit of butter and some salt and pepper.  A great vege side!

Amazon Echo Dot

Brent got this for me for Christmas, and I initially was not that excited.  I love it now though!  I love not worrying where my phone is and just asking her to play music or read me the weather.  We have a Sonos downstairs that I LOVE, so Alexa is my upstairs gal:)

Aveda face cream

I have the light weight lotion for summer, and loved it.  But in the winter, I need a bit more hydration.  This is perfect - thicker, but not cakey.  And I love the scent - kind of herbal and earthy and spa-like.  I also think they're products are very affordable and last a long time.

 Papersource large calendar

I got this last fall, and everyone who sees it when they come in loves it.  I love it because it keeps us organized.  I still have a small planner I carry around, but this one is helpful to see the whole month.  I buy magnet strips that adhere to the back and put it on my fridge.

Matching pom pom hats

I saw these on an Instagram account and knew Merritt and I HAD to have them.  And they were $9.99....TOTAL!  So far, we have not worn them at the same time...but don't worry - there's still more winter left!

Tom's wedge booties

First, they are on sale here.  Second, I think I'm like the last person to join this fashion train, but I love how comfy these are.  I basically live in my Dansko booties, but I wanted a different option that wasn't black.  My only wish - they were waterproof:(  It has suddenly started to feel like a wet, rainy spring around here, and that makes this winter loving girl sad!

I am loving having more free time to bead again, now that we are out of the one year baby blues:)  I met my favorite supplier at her warehouse and had a blast with Emma picking out new strands.

I even experimented with some leather for myself. 

A little peak of the store display:)  There is an awesome tree branch holding most of the necklaces in the window...but the lighting was too weird to snap a pic.  Go see them - Nofo has awesome one of a kind gifts and delicious eats!!

With my new role at Brent's store, I won't be able to fully devote much time to beading (and honestly, I never really did in the past), but for now, I'm loving having some time to still sell some pieces at Nofo and use my creativity some.

So that's a wrap on some things I am loving now!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Life lately

It seems like we have been so busy the last few months.  And now that the sale of the store has gone through (praise hands), we can breathe a bit.  Here's a snapshot of what's been going on in our house the past few weeks!

We ventured down to Carolina Brewing Company in Holly Springs...which did not disappoint.  I think Merritt had the most fun of all.

Brent snapped this before Emma had gotten up.  The morning is my favorite time - especially if I have gotten ready and had breakfast before anyone else gets up! 

We went to my parents for dinner one night.  It was cold and we had a warm crock pot stew.

Brent's best friend growing up came over with his family to celebrate the store purchase.

He brought over a bottle a Pappy Van Winkle, an extra special bourbon that's very rare.

The kids stayed up late playing really good together, and the next morning we left for Bath to spend the day with Brent's family.

We celebrated Reagan's 16th birthday!

I had a lunch date with Emma, to the one and only Jersey Mike's.

And for the Super Bowl, Merritt (in her green attire) got a little crazy with the booze.

Merritt is still loving her naps - still going strong twice a day.  She was rocking some bed head here.

I can usually entertain Merritt with some cheerios, no matter what.

Emma is still super obsessed with "herb derbs."  She loves cutting food up and prepping it on a plate.  It is a little annoying, if I'm being honest.  One - the food never gets eaten (and dang it if groceries aren't outrageously expensive!) And two - I have a small kitchen and making dinner is almost impossible with 2 people in there.  Alas....I'll sacrifice for her.

Emma got her hair cut and loved it.  She badly needed some ends cut because it was getting soooo tangly all the time.

Brent had to work one Saturday, and we had a birthday party about 2 hours away.  It was so foggy, but a nice drive.

I used to come down here to ski at least once a week back before I had Emma.  I grew up with some of my ski friends here, so it was soooo good to be back.

I had to snap a pic of the jump ramp (we take it out over the winter)

Tommy and Anna's son Owen was turning ONE!  We all had such a good time.

Owen got a remote control Jeep and the kids had the best time chasing him around in it! 

This is my dear friend, Bill.  I grew up with his son Treece, and Bill is the most caring, hardworking, selfless person.  He has coached me and been like family.  A few years ago, he was really, really sick and finally diagnosed with Wegener's disease.  I am so grateful now for any time I get to spend with him.  He is 67, has had hip replacement, and can still out ski everyone.  Not to mention, has a heart of gold.  It's no wonder Merritt is smiling:)

Oddly enough, Merritt feel asleep.  She actually does not nap well in the car anymore -which makes travelling hard. I can't get over how uncomfortable this looks!

We were planning on taking Emma snow skiing next week....but the weather has been so awful and I'm so bummed!  I love winter, and I'm not ready for it to be hot and sticky and humid yet....UGH!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

So....we bought a....


Actually, Brent bought it.  But, we are officially small business owners!  I am beyond excited for Brent and this opportunity.  It has been his dream to own his own store for a LONG time now, and I am so proud of him.  He's handsome, has a heart for caring for others, and oh....extremely smart.  Like, he can name all the bigillion drugs out there and all their side effects and what they're used for and how they're made and still do it in words that simple folk like me can understand.  He is so hardworking, and never asks for any recognition. We love him to pieces and can't wait to see him succeed even more!

at the closing!
driving the company car home...because he can!

I surprised him with a small get together at Bottle 501.  Cheesy - yes, but I am so proud of him:)

A huge shoutout to those who came - at the last minute...during witching hour....with kids!  I love all of you dearly!

This is by far the beginning of a HUGE chapter in our lives.  I am excited as all get out and scared $hitless at the same time:) 

Let the fun begin!!!

Monday, January 22, 2018

a BIG snow

We had a huge snowstorm last week...we got almost 11 inches at the house!!!  It started Wednesday morning at about 9am and didn't stop until 9pm that night.  I was in heaven!!!  Brent was at work, but closed the store early and got home about 2pm.  I don't venture out on my own with Emma and Merritt, so we waited for him and baked instead - brownies and bread to be exact:)

Merritt was intrigued by the snow.....

I took this picture and sent it to Brent.  Raleigh was about 1.5 hours behind us with snowfall total, and also never got as much as we did.

When we did head out, Emma went straight for snow swimming:)  It was a fluffy, dry snow that was perfect for playing.

They made a pretty awesome snowman!  I took a short walk around the block by myself:)

Emma loves her neighbor, Brooklyn.  And the girls had a great time playing together.

Merritt wasn't as into the snow as the rest of her family...

Actually, she hated it for some reason this day.  We basically threatened to disown her.  Talleys love some's a requirement to be in the family.

This was after about 7 hours of snow.

We had the neighbors over for dinner and the girls had a great time watching movies on the couch.

 Thankfully, Thursday was Brent's day off.  And he got to stay home with us - this NEVER happens.  The pharmacy doesn't just close, so he is always going in.  I was so glad to have him home (for the help, the company, the sanity), and also for him to enjoy it with us. 

I got up early and went for a walk by myself.  It was absolutely beautiful out - so peaceful.

Later in the day, we ventured out to the grocery store for a few things we forgot earlier in the week.  The roads weren't too bad, although I would not have gone without 4WD...

I can't get enough of this girl's hat!

After Merritt's afternoon nap, we decided to try the snow again.  This time was much better...thank God.  I kind of want to keep her:)

Soooo much snow!!

We made nachos in the oven - sooooo yummy.

I went for another walk Friday morning before Brent went to work - I knew it would be my only alone time all day (and the next day since he was working then too).  

We made a lot of fires over the 3 days......and I loved it. 

Cabin fever set in a bit...

so we ventured to the mall for an early dinner....

oh, and a glass of bubbly!

This is Merritt's stroller stance - she is obsessed with this leapfrog laptop and it cracks me up.  It looks like she's doing work while we stroll along.

We had a really, really good time together.  I love the snow, and I loved spending so much time together.  It was a simple, fun few days and if it snowed again this month, I'd be in heaven:)