Sunday, October 30, 2016

Movie playdate

Emma didn't have school Friday, and I saw that the forecast was calling for rain, so I decided we would consider going to the movies at Silverspot.  For local people, this is the ONLY place to watch a movie.  Huge, clean seats, smaller theaters, great food and drink (alcoholic!!), and just a nicer experience.  it may be a few dollars extra, but it's not like I go to the movies all the, I believe it's worth it.

I invited Emma's friend from school, Abigail.  She lives nearby so we have carpooled some and Emma had an awesome playdate at her house the week before. 

Riding in the car with 2 girls to the movies was an experience in itself....I felt like I had teenagers!  They were giggly and silly the entire way and I was worried that maybe a quiet movie theater was NOT the best idea. 

When we arrived, both girls were really excited - I think mostly just to be out and together. 

When I had told Emma we were going the day before, her face lit up and she quickly asked "We're going to the ourselves???  Without parents?????!!!"  To which, I quickly jumped in to clarify that this boring old mama was going, so sorry!

I had the girls stop for a picture in front of the poster.  We saw friend, Sally, said it was cute, and it was the only kid movie playing there, so Storks it was!  The girls got a popcorn and shared it, and I brought along small bottles of water for them.  They also shared a gummy worms pack:)
I, on the otherhand, got fancy and ordered a tiramisu.  I usually get a beer or glass of wine to take in, but I figured that was frowned on in public, pregnant, during the day, with I went the dessert route.

We had the small theater all to ourselves, which was great!! Emma wanted to sit with next to me, which secretly made my heart melt:)

They did a really good job the whole one had to pee (a small victory for them....HUGE one for me) and the movie was super cute.  At one point, a Justin Timberlake song came on and they both started dancing in their was priceless.  I immediately texted Brent and thanked him for working so hard so that I could do this with Emma and her friends.  THIS was the reason my heart felt compelled to stay at home (well...that and another baby and the fact that daycare is another mortgage payment....)

All in all, it was an excellent time!  It was exhausting wrangling Emma at the end (she can get very defiant and bossy with me), but we are both learning how to do all this.  The life of carpools and playdates is so new to me, but I am soaking it in.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with some wonderful students and colleagues for 4 years of Emma's life, but even more grateful to enjoy this precious time serving my family now.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Life lately...

It has been a roller coaster of weather the past few weeks.  I think fall is finally here...but wow, we have endured some heat this summer.  Here's a look at our life the past 2 weeks!
Emma's friend from school, Abigail, invited her over for a playdate after school one afternoon.  Emma was BEYOND excited.  She even wanted to make sure she had her umbrella...JUST IN CASE:)

I took advantage of the extra time and had lunch with a friend at a new spot....True Flavors in Durham.  Y' was amazing!  I had the chicken and waffles....because #whynot.

Abigail's mom sent me these pics.  I think the girls are having a blast:)

Fall means comfort food...and as soon as the temperatures dipped below 70 I decided we needed to make our homemade mac n cheese.  Emma wanted to help shred the cheese:)

Last week, I had the chance to chaperone Emma's class to Green Acres Farm in Cary.  I was SOOOO excited to do this.  As someone who always worked, I jumped at the chance to do this with Emma and her class.  (This will be a separate post...but I am LOVING every single moment of being a stay at home mom)
Here are some of the kids on the cute are the matching shirts (and a lifesaver for finding your group!)

The farm was fun, but getting hot.  I love sunshine and all, but come on....85 in October????  It's just wrong.

The next day was even hotter.  So instead of whining, we embraced it and went to the lake!  Jordan lake is still really high - about 10 feet above pool.  The water was a bit chilly, but not too bad yet.  I am sure that after our cooler temps this past weekend, it has cooled off quite a bit.

I have so many good memories out here, and it was nice to enjoy one last afternoon here this year.

I am still working a few hours a week (whenever I feel like it), so I took Emma to work with me one afternoon.  First, we stopped at Crabtree to get some new kicks.  The shoe and clothes battle in our house is REAL right now.  So when Emma got excited about these shoes, and I finagled a deal, AND she wore them out of the store, I felt like SUPERMOM!  So far, we are still excited about them and wearing them.

Emma found this Halloween wine glass in my office (I don't normally drink at work, so not sure why that's there....hehehe).  But she carried it around with her the rest of the day...even when we went on errands to the other building to drop papers off.  Nothing says awesome parent like a preggo mom letting her 4 year old walk around with a wine glass...

I snapped this photo on our way out....Emma just looked so old!

Much to my dismay, a few seconds later were TERRIBLE!  Somehow, Emma managed to get her hand stuck in the elevator - where the door opens and goes back into the wall - as we were getting off at the first floor.  She was screaming bloody murder.  I was panicking trying to open or close the door (which wasn't working), and then banging on the door trying to pry her hand out. The sweet lady from the coffee shop ran over to help too and was trying to get her little hand out.  When it finally came out, I thought for sure we were going to the emergency room.  Luckily it was just really swollen and sore and she could move it.  God, it was so awful though.  Hearing her scream in pain and being helpless was a feeling I don't wish on anyone.  I don't know how I didn't go into labor right then and there.  We had the school nurse come over to check it out and gave her some ice.  She was pretty pathetic the rest of the evening, and I don't blame her.  I did drive home holding her hand the whole way too:(  She cheered up a bit with a Happy Meal, and was fine the next day.  But it took me a few days to erase that memory from my mind.  I still shutter thinking about it.  Now, Emma is terrified of the elevator and has vowed to take the stairs everywhere.......maybe not the best plan for mama at this point in pregnancy:)

Monday, October 24, 2016

State Fair

I don't think we went to the fair last year, so we decided we should go this year, especially with the beautiful weather we were having, and the fact that we have FREE tickets every year.  We went last Friday because Brent was off, and man...even with the decline in attendance this year, it was super crowded. Parking seemed to be worse this year too.....either that, or this 8 month preggo was NOT feeling all the walking.  I rallied and went for the good of the family, but I wouldn't do it again:)

As soon as we walked in, we saw Rita Roo and Emma went up to hug her.

Emma was finally tall enough to do a lot of the kid rides (as opposed to 2 years ago when we took her).  She wanted the ferris wheel, but the line was too long (thank God...because I don't do heights, and I wasn't really into watching them go up that high either).  When Emma saw this bungee jump thing, she had to go.  I thought for sure she would wimp out, but she did it THREE times!!!  She loved it!!

She rode the merry go round twice (with Brent...nausea and going around in circles is a real thing, y'all). 
And then we headed to see the livestock and award winning pumpkins.
Emma saw some kids on this antique tractor and wanted to climb it too!

We were really only there for about 3 hours, but it felt like an eternity.  I was either walking or standing the whole time, and my body was over it by the walk to the car.  I almost wanted to fake labor for a ride to the car #noshame
It was fun to see Emma enjoy being there, and of course - I savor any time I get with Brent being off work!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Beautycounter faves

I've mentioned on here a few times that I am loving the Beautycounter products.  The more I learn about them, the more I like them.  But in all honesty, I just think they work for me.  I'm not one to buy and use something if it isn't right for my skin and hair.  And I'm picky too.

I love the Countertime/Rejuvenating line.  But I haven't splurged yet and used more than the sample set I had.  In winter, when I first tried the set and the Nourishing set (a lot less money), my skin was too dry and I didn't like the Nourishing.  But I've since tried the line again now that it's summer/fall, and I have had no problems with the day or night cream.

I know my skin could change a lot after delivery, but right now, it feels great - and I haven't had any breakouts (woohoo!!).  Target is a great place to try out some smaller sizes of these products...and there are still a few things left at the stores (if you check online, you can search stores to see what they have in stock).

The cleansing balm is phenomenal!!

I hate washing my face - it gets water all over the place, I hate bending over, my skin feels dry afterwards.....yada yada yada.  So I was using Oil of Olay regenerist wipes.  And I'm still ok using them, although I notice that they don't totally take all my makeup off.  The balm is super easy to use, and doesn't involved me splashing water all over myself and the bathroom.  My skin feels smooth, clear, and clean, but never dry.  

The lipsheers are awesome.  I love a lipsheer.  I like to apply my lipstick on the go without a mirror, and these are perfect.  I have currant, but am eyeing raisin.

I became a Band of Beauty Member at a social last month (it was at a discounted rate and included a cool free gift...SOLD!), and if you plan on using the products, it's a no brainer.  You get 15% back on every order.  My free gift was a whole travel set or various products, and I have been pleasantly surprised with the body and hair care.

The shampoo and conditioner are just as good, if not better, than any of the other hair products I have ever tried.  And let me tell you, I don't buy drug store brand hair products...I'm a salon girl since I color my hair.  My hair is softer, more manageable, and seems healthier since I started using these.

On my wish list....the Face Oil.  I have tried the Soothing and Hydrating, and will ask for the Hydrating for my birthday:)  I love their multiple uses - alone on skin, mixed with your moisturizer, or mixed with your tint skin.

I don't promote much, because I hate to be locked into one brand, but I really, really have loved these products.  And I do feel better knowing that what I am putting ON my body is safer.  I promise not to go totally overboard and turn into some quinoa, cleanse crazed freak....but for now, I would highly recommend Beautycounter's line.  If you need a consultant...I have 3 fabulous ladies that can help you (and of course, I am happy to answer any questions about the things I've tried too!)

Durham consultants Karen and Dana
Wilmington consultant Brandi

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Wow, I am so behind on I'll start here...our mountain trip a few weekends ago.  We went back to Valle Crucis to stay in our heavenly spot (same one from August...), and had a blast as usual (despite the rain one day!)

We got off later than I wanted, and I was in a bad mood (sorry, family).  But I cheered up with a trip to Stamey's BBQ....all I can say is thank God they didn't take credit cards when I was there in college (my dad would have killed me!)

We got there just as it was getting dark, and Brent and I discovered these *awesome* Daniel Boone hats and decided pictures were in order.

Brent told me that if I posted any of these, he would kill me....I think he meant on instagram or facebook...and the blog was fair game:)

Hurricane Matthew was coming through, and although we were far away, we were still affected with some rain Friday.  I was a bit bummed because there is not that much to do in the rain there.  We got some fishing in, went to Linville Caverns (boring, if you ask me), ate pizza in downtown Boone, and did some sight seeing from the car.

I made chili in the crock pot there and we snuggled up with a warm bowl, and then made smores before watching a movie together all in our bed:)  

Saturday was much nicer - cool, but no rain.  We decided to head to an Apple Orchard I had found about an hour away.

But only after some fishing in our princess dress...

The orchard was off the Blue Ridge Parkway, almost halfway to Asheville.  We stopped here for some pics:)

Altapass Orchard did not disappoint - very idyllic and a great day trip for kids.  We picked a peck of apples, enjoyed some amazing views, then headed into the country store for some live clogging, an apple lecture, and the best apple cobbler I've ever had.

We were worn out that night, so stayed in for some more warm chili and snuggles outside on the porch.

The next morning, we woke up to temps in the 40's and lots of wind...wowzers it was cold!!

I could barely stay out there - I love the cold, but don't like to BE cold....the wind was vicious.  After it being 90 for the past 5 months, 40 felt pretty darn chilly.

We reluctantly went home Sunday afternoon.....this was an emotional trip for me because I knew it was my last with just Emma and Brent. 

While I can't wait for Merritt to join our family, it's still a bit sad to see this family of 3 change:(

I know in 6 short weeks, I will be elated at how the FOUR of us just fit perfectly, but right now, these 2 are my world...and I am soaking up every minute.