Thursday, March 12, 2015

A trip to the farm...

I have always loved going out to Fearrington Village.  It is such a beautiful place and there really is something for everyone - cows for kids, alcohol and good food for adults, walking trails, cute shops, etc....  I heard that the book store did story time every other Wednesday at 11 and since the weather has been so nice, I decided this was a great week to try it out. 

On our way there, Emma was super excited!

When we arrived, we headed straight for the cows! 

This baby goat is less than a week old. Yall- he was too cute. I wanted to grab him and snuggle him. But that's not allowed (obviously...)

This goat was very "friendly." Actually, he kind of creeped me out because he had some crazy eyes. 

Storytime was fun and there was singing!  It's for children 3 and under so there were some smaller kids there, which didn't really make sense to me because children under 2 don't really sit still and pay attention anyway...  

Emma loved the songs and was singing loudly by the end:) 

We ate lunch outside at the Belted Goat and Emma played at the water fountain most of the time. We then headed over to the restaurant where the field and chairs are. 

Had to get a picture with Baby...

It was absolutely gorgeous out....and a bit hot really. I was sweating and wishing I had shorts on. 

Emma is being such a big helper lately and likes being Baby's mommy. Here she is holding Baby up so she can see the cows too. 

Her angelic face....:)

Of course, it took her about 3 minutes to fall asleep on the way home. So I drove the back roads and enjoyed some quiet!

It was a really fun day and I plan to go back and walk the trails next time with her.  I'm just glad that the sun is finally out!! 

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  1. I never think to go out there! I bet the boys would love it!!