Monday, August 21, 2017

No shortage of babysitters here...

The girls and I went to Southmont, NC for a ski tournament this past weekend.  Brent had to work, so I was solo (except for my dad and my ski family that helped meal weekend!).  Many thanks to these special people for helping me keep my kids happy, fed, and alive all weekend;)

Walker is welcoming his baby sister in January - she will be surrounded by 3 big bros!!

Hotel room snuggles!!

These sweet girls are so good with Emma.  She just adores them!!

I can remember when Ella was Emma's age - so grown now!!!

Hammock to the rescue for naps!  I think I need one of these!!

I skied ok - I can't get too hard on myself since I don't have much time to practice!  And I got to eat Lexington BBQ - my favorite!!!  I can't believe summer is almost over, which also means ski season will soon come to a close (October...maybe???)  I have such great memories of being with my ski family, my dad, and skiing all summer in my bathing suit and travelling to cool places every weekend.  I am so glad to share this with my girls!

Valle Crucis

Frist, we are beyond grateful to the Reece family for sharing their treasured vacation spot with us, for the third time!!!  Some of our most fond family memories are made here, and this time, with all FOUR of us!  Our first family of 4 trip!!!  We really value family trips together, and while I long for one without kids someday (soon, please....just a night maybe??!!), I love making these memories for the girls.
This post will be picture enjoy:)

Day 1
We left about 3pm Thursday afternoon, and arrived just in time to get some groceries from Earth Fare in Boone, and a pizza to take to the cabin from Capone's.  This is our tradition.....and their pizza is amazing!!!  WE took it outside immediately onto the dock to fish!!

Love this pic...she could be right here with her daddy all day long.

I wasted no time pouring a glass if vino!!!  We had bought an expensive (for us.....$20 - big spenders!!) bottle a few months ago at a wine tasting, and saved it for this trip!  Between the view and the mountain air, it sure went down smooth!!

Last time we were here, we found these Daniel Boone hats, so when I was putting Merritt to bed upstairs, these crazy kids were playing around.

Day 2
We woke up Friday morning to the most gorgeous day.  We were pretty nervous because the forecast had said rain for most of our trip, so we were pumped to see the sun.  We planned to head to Grandfather Mountain after we got a few casts in of course:)

I don't do the ride up the mountain was even scary for me.  But I endured, and Emma laughed at me (thanks, darling daughter).  We quickly snapped some pics at the beginning of the bridge, and Merritt and I sat this one out.  There was NO way I was going and NO way Merritt was going.  And I don't know how I convinced myself to let Emma go....

The 2 dare devils...

Merritt and I snapped photos and watched from afar.

Brent and Emma snapped these cute selfies from the other side of the bridge.  I could see them over there and I was certainly nervous.  Emma had no fear and I know that trying to explain to a 5 year old the severity of the situation is hard.

Since I had a hard time on the ride up, Brent thought I might to better walking the trail down to the halfway point between the bridge and the animal habitat.  He had to check it out first to make sure it wasn't too scary though....then he and Merritt drove down and Emma and I hiked.  

I was really glad to have this time with Emma.  I rarely get it, and when Brent is around, we always tag team and guess who gets stuck with the babe??!!

We saw the animals just in time before a small rain came in, so we headed home for some painting and arts on the porch.

We spent most of our time out here.  The weather was beautiful - no humidity and really pleasant.  

We also spent a lot of time rocking and lounging in the hammock.

This is the view of the house from the hammock and pond.  

And there's this great campfire area...

Day 3
We started the day with some fishing and swimming....

Then we dressed and had plans of going to the winery, but ended up visiting with the cabin's owners down the road.  They served wine and snacks, and before we knew it, it was almost dinner time:)  So we quick made reservations at the only place to eat in town, Over Yonder.

We sat on the porch, and the kids did ok...I say ok because Emma almost pulled the table over and Merritt getting fussy.  For the most part, they had been angels the whole I can't complain.

That night, I had some really bad anxiety and was up all night (Merritt was too).  I almost think I was maybe allergic to something I ate and it caused shortness of breath and hallucinations.  I know that sounds super crazy but I was not myself.  Almost immediately after dinner, I started having trouble breathing, my heart was racing, and I was super spooked.  It was the kind of feeling you get after a really scary movie, except mine lasted ALL NIGHT.  It was awful.  Merritt also didn't sleep well.  She had done ok the first 2 nights, but it got progressively worse.  Luckily, by morning, I was fine and it did not come back again:)

Day 4
Sunday was a bit cloudier but we were determined to get to the winery.  They didn't open until 1, so we drove into Boone first. (after some morning porch snuggles)

This was our only picture from the winery....partly because the weather didn't fully cooperate.  But it was awesome and we will definitely go again.  There is a creek that runs by it and Emma and Brent played in it and climbed rocks (until they saw 2 snakes).  And the wine was yummy that we brought a bunch back.

Merritt had fought naps hard that day, so I tried taking her for a drive.  I stumbled upon the most scenic views and I'm pretty sold on moving here now...

We reluctantly left Monday at lunch, after almost 5 days there.  It really is so relaxing (even with kids) and renewing to be up there. It's the simple things that being so much joy.......

Like fishing with daddy

sharing the catch with sissy:)

getting a catnap in on the porch...

or making smores in the outdoor fireplace...

or just going for a walk around the pond...

This was our first official vacation as a family of four, and we had so much fun.  We all got along, and made so many wonderful memories.  We can't wait to go back!