Monday, July 29, 2013


We've had a hard time with church lately.  For starters, we've been out of town.  But it's also been hard because church is right in the middle of Emma's nap time.  I've definitely missed part of church riding around because Emma fell asleep on the way there, and I wanted to make sure she got in some sort of nap.  This Sunday, Emma got in about 30 minutes before church, but really needed way more. She was tired and was not having anything to do with the nursery (it did not help that there were 3 other SCREAMING toddlers in there) I tried walking out 3 times, then gave up.  Brent and I took turns chasing her down the enormous halls of CGS...and honestly, I didn't mind.  The things about being a working mom is that I tend to feel guilty about NOT being with her on the weekends when I am off work.  I did get to hear most of the sermon, so it was not a total bomb.  Plus, we had a blast after church just playing in the sanctuary. and I seemed to be on the same page with our seersucker and High Cotton that day:)

To all the moms out there, if you have any suggestions on handling the nap vs. church thing...fill an amateur in!  I miss going to church, but her missing a nap (she seems to really fight it if we wait too late in the afternoon...which leads to a rough afternoon) is hard on a Sunday for us!

Haley and the Hound Trunk Show

I recently fell in love with this store in Morehead City, and saw on their facebook page that they were having a trunk show in Raleigh this past Sunday.  I had no idea who was going, and or whose house this was, but I am so glad I went!  I met some fabulous girls in Raleigh and had a blast trying on all the new styles.  This gracious woman opened up her beautiful home and welcomed strangers - all so we could enjoy Haley and the Hound's new women's line.  They did have a few new shift dresses for girls there, but Emma is not quite big enough to fit into 2T (Brent is forever grateful!).

I finally got this beach cover-up....I have a million of their tops, but had not gotten this signature item yet!

They are making girl's shift dresses to coordinate with the new women's dress fabrics...and word is, they may do a women's shift dress.  I'm all about a classes shift dress, and LOVE these prints!

I ordered the Parker ruffle dress (below in navy) in this green's super cute!

The Parker adorable!!  Lord knows, I love a ruffle!

This is the new Susan ruffle dress.  It will also come in more of the amazing quadrafoil patterns that her tops are made from.

I had a great time meeting some great moms and women in Raleigh.  We all had a blast trying on the designs and giving each other feedback.  It was really laid back and everyone was so nice and was refreshing and I can't wait to do it again!  Thanks Jada and Olivia for this fun event:)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I haven't been too good at documenting Emma's "firsts"...although I promise I scream and yelp and clap like crazy whenever she does do something new for the first time (or whenever she does ANYTHING really..I am a bit bias!)
I took Monday off this week to just unwind from the beach trip and try to unpack/organize/decrease the chaos in my house.  I hated taking Em to school, but knew I had to get stuff done.  Over the weekend she had loved Eli's toy trucks and cars, so I had decided she would be getting some of these.  I asked her teachers if there were any other toys she especially liked, and I found out that Em loves the baby dolls.  So I went to Big Lots (first time!) and found both items for great prices!  When I went to pick her up from school, her teacher also informed me that Emma had her fist fight today.  Fight isn't the best term, but she did hit another child over a toy.  This is totally normal, I know. But I was so mixed with emotion.  I had missed her all day and was so proud of how well she did on our trip and just how great she is in general, then I came to find out that she was "mean" to another kid. To make matters worse, I had bought her toys to give her that night! (Not that she would equate the toys with any behavior earlier in the day...but still, it felt wrong!).  Emma also hit the one child in the class that she is always nice to.  There is one little boy who has down syndrome, and Emma is always so sweet to him and shares really well with him, even when the other kids don't...except for today.  I remember gloating about how Emma was so great and she was so nice to this little boy....I guess I needed a little humility.  Sigh....I know it's gonna happen and my kid really isn't perfect...but man, it still stings.

"I wonder if Ms. Alicia told mom about my tantrum today....."

"Instead of hitting my classmates, I will pull out this doll's hair!"

"...and put her in a choke hold!"

"maybe strangle her...."

"and then run around like a crazy person clinching my new doll!"

P.S.  Em also had her first rash this week....apparently just the end of her nasty cold virus.  But for a minute, they were worried it was strep throat (phew!!!)  We also did NOT hear her heart murmur at the doctor last night!!! Woo-hoo!  I know they can come and go, and they are not serious, but it's a relief that it was not present yesterday!

Summer vaca #2

We took off for the beach for round two last week...and had a blast once again!  We got an awesome deal on a house right off Front Street in Beaufort, and it was perfect.  We parked the boat at the docks, and walked everywhere. Here's a snapshot of our trip.....we are already planning another one soon!

 Emma slept almost the whole way down there, which was great.  Nothing beats a good car ride, listening to some good tunes, relaxing....

 Emma had her own porch chair!  These rockers were awesome!  There is something about sitting outside at the beach that's so relaxing.  It's just too hot in Durham to ever sit outside.ever.  This was also a primo spot for people watching.  Beaufort Grocery and Blue Moon are just up the street, so it was fun to watch everyone walking to dinner.

 Not too enthused on the first boat ride Friday morning...but she quickly caught on!  At Shackleford, Emma had the BEST time playing in the water and sand.  

 I'm pretty sure Emma is eating sand here...

Because every gal needs a bow in her hair!

Emma did awesome with her naps!  She fell asleep on the boat almost every time, and also on the beach.  It really made life so much easier.  She was also super happy and laid back the whole trip.  She slept great the whole trip and rarely fussed.  Maybe we should live here all the time???

There is nothing like a sleeping angel on your chest...

Emma likes to ride in the wagon like this.  Every. time.  It's a bit's really not ladylike:)

This smile pretty much sums up Emma on the whole her!

The views on the boat of Carrot Island were awesome...

My favorite part of the trip was Saturday night on the porch with sweet girl.  It was pretty windy all weekend, which made for some funky hairstyles, but we had a blast just laughing together:)

The Barta Billfish tournament was going on in Beaufort while we were there, so all the fishing boats were docked there.  I even got to see an old ski bud, who now fishes most of the time on his 55' Jarrett Bay, Builder's Choice...I can't blame him, really.

When we got home, I turned the corner in the hall to see this...guess someone is ready for another trip down there!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A few days off...

We had a few days off for the Fourth...and it was nice, but we didn't do anything too exciting.  We are planning a beach trip next week in hopes of avoiding the mass exodus of vacationers over the holiday.

Emma sporting her fireworks outfit earlier in the week.

Trying out our new Yepp bike seat!

Ice cream!

Of course she likes chocolate!

I'm pretty sure I will NEVER tire of her wanting to hold my hand:)

We are loving our new camera, and love getting these action photos of her:)

I get to see this smiley face EVERY morning....she wakes up in such a great mood every day.

a little sun bathing....a cold one....and a snack in her new chair!

helping wash the truck....

and tasting to make sure the wash is suitable...

tailgating with grampa...nothing beats a cold beer, a tailgate, and family