Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's day

Miss Emma was instructed to sport pink today....boys in red..for the Valentine's party at daycare.  I hate that I will miss it, but those sweet cheek kisses are even better after a long day at work.

I forgot my coffee at home this morning in my rush to get out the was a blessing in disguise.  Brent grabbed it anyway and brought it to me at work.  He also brought this little card that Emma had made at daycare this week for us. 

Heart. Melted. 

My co-workers even got teary eyed....yes, I showed it off like it was nobody's business.  I flaunted this valentine like I had just gotten engaged or something.  I have no shame.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Life lately

We're still around...just busy, but happy.  Emma has perfected her creep into a noticeable crawl...and loves to pull up on things nowadays.  Her new favorite thing is professional props needed, just a bag of diapers, carseat, or even human leg (partner yoga for the pros).  She's eating and sleeping great, and although she has had a cold for over 3 weeks now, super happy.  She is an awesome errand companion as well - which I love...because momma loves some errands (Target, Walmart, HomeGoods....)


Love the intensity!

Again, so focused!

Love Swerve in the box behind her...wondering why this is such a big deal warranting a hundred pictures.

Yoga on mom's leg....

"Mom, you don't mind if I borrow this leg do you?"

She's looking so big and grown up here

stretching out for more yoga..

Climbing on carseats....

climbing on dad...

First cracker....wasn't too ecited about eating it...

The best part of my day....playing before bed.

Super helper at the grocery store!

Emma is content to just gnaw away on this strap and chek out the scenery.  We did manage to lose a sock somewhere in BuyBuy Baby this weekend...if you see it, please send it to us! (The girl loves to take her socks far, the Robeez socks are the only ones that really stay put on her feet.)

LOVE this picture....she had a blast playing outside a few weekends ago!

Meanwhile, the cats are in need of attention....Swerve thinks this is his carseat.