Monday, December 17, 2012


We always refer to Emma as our "Hambone" because the child loves to smile.  She is so shy and innocent about it, wrapping us around her little fingers every time she flashes that smile.  I don't capture it very well, but she loves to just grin at you and then hide her face, as if she is playing peekaboo.  She loves to laugh at you, especially when we blow bubbles on her tummy, and she cracks herself up making new noises.  They sound sometimes more like terradactyl screams of pain, but she LOVES making them, and has a blast doing so!

Sometimes at work, I just stare at all these pictures of her on my phone (1726 of them to be exact) and I have this indescribable feeling of warmth and joy.  She is truly more than I deserve, and I thank God everyday for the chance to be her mother.


Miss Emma is growing up so fast!  I have been bad about posting lately and keeping up with her new moves, so here is a snapshot of the last month!

New tricks - sitting up on our own! (She just started getting the hang of it..but still a bit wobbly!)
Loving baby food - the kid eats anything - fruits, veges, meats, combos.....she currently gets 2 jars of babyfood a day, and formula the rest of the time.
Sleeping - still sleeping through the night, going down earlier as time goes on (was 8-9pm, now is more like7-8pm) and sleeps until 6:30am.
Clothes - wearing 6-9 month clothes
Favorite nap spot - carseat.  I can't take this child anywhere without her falling asleep.  I have been known to drive around town aimlessly so she can nap.
Favorite toy - cloth books, plastic tags, magazines, and a newly found interest in my phone

We are ready for winter!!! 

New obsession....magazines!

And....we eat the pages!  Reading is overrated!

Happy as a clam....even though we managed to "strain" so hard pooping that we bursted a blood vessel in our right eye!
Big girl chair...loving eating food in it and also banging on the tray.
Received a Christmas gift from Aunt Kim, and probably should have waited until the BIG day to open, but I couldn't resist.  Emma was SOOOOOO excited and inquisitive!  She could not wait for dad to come home so she could open it! 

"Come on!  I wanna see what's inside!"

"Whadoya mean, we gotta wait for dad to get home?"




"I'm not supposed to eat the paper?  That's not the gift? Oh."

"Best gift ever....bubble wrap!"

After we finally got to the real presents, all Emma wanted to do was eat them.


I was super excited about Thanksgiving this year, and our family had a great time relaxing and enjoying one another's company....I truly am blessed.

We spent Thanksgiving day at my parents, and had a blast.  My dad made this wagon for me when I was a baby, and I have the best memories of riding down the street in it with my dad chasing after me (probably not the safest now!)  It was so neat to see Emma in it - it was a Thanksgiving present and she is currently enjoying it in her room, with all her stuffed animals sitting waiting for their first ride with her.
Headed down the was a gorgeous day!

My Emma bear, not really sure how she is feeling at the moment!  Probably a weird sensation!

We spent the weekend after in Brevard with some of Brent's family and also had a great time.  The weather was cold, and Aunt Sarah's house was so warm and toasty, and also happened to be perched on top of a mountain side with beautiful views.  I also really enjpyed downtown Brevard - wonderful local shops that I would highly recommed doing to!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


It has been a rough couple of weeks....last week I had a stomach bug/food poisoning...I say the latter because no one else around me managed to get it.  Lucky me, I have not thrown up since 2000 (yes, I escaped pregnancy and delivery without vomitting), but I literally wanted to die Sunday night.  I was out for 2 days, and then Emma had a slight fever later in the week so I had to drive all the way back to Durham, take her to the doctor only to find that she is teething and fine, and then take her to work with me in Raleigh....I might be getting a few more grey hairs just reliving that week of hell.  So this is my first normal week, and I love that we had an excuse to wear 2 outfits in one day ( ended up being Halloween daycare outfit, 2 outfit changes at daycare due to blowouts:), one cutesy/super impractical Halloween outfit, and then jam jams!)

Here is our week in pictures...enjoy!

Emma's first day of work....she had a blast rolling all over the floor of my office, then finally was rocked to sleep in her carseat.  It was not until that point that I could actually get some work done....

Because mid-rift and bare belly is in these days......

Someone looks like her daddy!

I love this one...she was too busy smiling and making new noises!  Every week she makes a new sound and it is sooo funny to hear her do it all the time!

"hey...when do I get to go panhandle for some candy?"

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Have I mentioned how awesome Emma is lately? Well, she is. I have a somewhat biased opinion, but she is awesome and I think you should agree with me. Our little monkey is 4 months old. I have loved every single second with her..and I mean that. Even the seconds where she is screaming or fussy. And that isn't saying a whole lot about me and how great I am for loving her through those hard moments because honestly, this child is a dream. Yes, she has fussy times, but they are rare. She has taught me so much about my attitude and life that I can't imagine it any other way. I only hope that I can be half as easy going and happy as she is.

Take today for example, she smiled the entire time at the doctor's office...even though she has a ferocious cold (3rd one since starting daycare), and got 4 shots. Yes, she cried/screamed bloody murder when the needles poked her chubby thighs, but after a few seconds of being held and kissed (and a little bottle), she was back to her smiley self. I dropped her off at daycare (reluctantly) and she was as happy as a clam. I got a phone call around 4:15 saying that poor Miss Emma had a fever of 100.9. I knew it was a result of the shots, but still I was in panic mode. I couldn't drive fast enough. I'm pretty sure I ran about 5 people off the road on Wade Ave ( was an emergency, right?!) I got to daycare, expecting to find that Emma had been screaming all afternoon, inconsolable, and teary eyed. I expected Miss Cheryl and Jean to be totally pissed at me for even bringing her after the shots and cursing me under their breath. I walk in and Miss Sunshine is laying on the rug, playing, smiling, having a grand ole time. I kneel down to kiss her and her whole face lights up, as if to say, "Hey Mom! I'm fine, but I sure am glad you are here. I missed you!"

I mean honestly, I wish I could be half the person Emma is. At only 4 months, she sure has it figured often, love big, and let the small things roll off.

I love this girl with all my heart.  I am beyond blessed that God has chosen me to love her.

Pumpkin shopping..

This year, we went to three four pumpkin patches. Yes, I know....a bit obsessive. But I am sort of a pumpkin snob and I know exactly what I want. I started a new tradition last year that has made my life soooo much easier. I LOATHE carving out a's messy, time consuming, and really annoying. Part of my problem was that I was carving out 2-3 pumpkins every year...and trying to be Martha Stewart with fancy designs.  One neighbor even called my pumpkins "Kate Spade" pumpkins....a title I am proud was mine!  But I finally stole my parents ceramic, already lit up, just plug it in pumpkin last year.  And we started doing all kinds of gourds and fancy/weird pumpkins that do not get carved on the doorstep.  Plus, those things can stay out until Thanksgiving for the full fall decor effect.
So....that's why our search led us to 4 different pumpkin patches. I desparately tried to get a good picture of me and Emma on our trips.  I dressed her in cute outfits (and loved the fact that it was cool and she would need to bundle up).  But she is not really into pictures these days.  She smiles non-stop, but as soon as I whip out the camera phone, she goes into "I will not smile!" mode.  Hope that's not an indication of future defiant behavior:)
Here are a few attempts.....
"This is so embarassing...I hope none of my friends see me."

"The real question is...where is my bottle?"

"Hey guys....check out that pumpkin over there!"

We finally got one that says a lot about both of us...I am smiling, and Emma is sticking her tongue out.  Alright, alright!  No more pictures...we give up:)

Friday, October 12, 2012

My current faves...

I got this idea from a friend's blog...and always love the chance to share my faves.  Anyone who knows me even remotely well will know that I love deals, and I loves sharing my finds.  I'm not afraid to tell complete strangers about the awesomeness I just scored at whatever local store.

Red this place.  We always order a Bento box..and then we proceed to eat on it for days.  It comes with a large entree (we always order sesame chicken..not too sweet, and the chicken is really chicken....not gummy or stringy or mysterious like other asian places' meats), 6 sushi rolls, brown/fried/white rice (love their brown rice), and another side - eggrolls, spring rolls, crab rangoons.  All this for only $12!  We usually share the meal, then have enough leftover for 2 lunches the next day.  Unfortunately, the only nearby RedBowl is in Chapel it's not that convenient. go to store for all things Emma.  She is a bit of a drooler, and I can't bear the thought of her sitting in her own wet, cold, drool all day.  But I am also super picky about bibs.  I know I might offend someone, but I really dislike things that say "mommy's sweetheart" or "cutie pie."  I just want a plain, cute bib without any cheesy saying.  I recently ordered these cuties from an etsy seller, and love them.

 other go to store for Emma.  Before you judge me for buying my child used clothes, keep in mind that she is an infant, has blow out poops once a week, and grows out of clothes faster than I can wash them.  I love cute clothes, but cannot afford, or even justify spending over a certain amount on pieces for her.  I have found super cute Zutano and Ralph Lauren rompers on Ebay for under $10 (and that includes shipping.)  I'm also hunting for those adorable smocked numbers.  If someone else wants to pay $60 for her smocked dress, than I say "thank you" but this mama just can't do it. 

E's Christmas monkey dress....we call her monkey alot - for no particulair when I saw this, it was a no brainer!

Obsessed with these Polo rompers

LOVE the vintage flowery prints that Polo girlie:)

Menchies...First, we can walk there. Second, the people there are always sooo nice.  Third, it's froyo.  Enough said.

Indie Girl hair ties.....because who doesn't need a trio of colored hair ties that costs $7?!?  I cringe everytime I buy some, but I can't help it.  They come in fun colors, and don't pinch my wrist when I wear them if my hair isn't pulled up yet.  I also love that they don't snag my hair.  I have been going through post-baby hormone changes and my hair is literally falling out if you even look at it wrong, so I can't afford to have a hair tie pulling out any more precious strands.

Scout and Molly's in Chapel Hill has a good selection.

Groopdealz and Very Jane....if you don't know what these are...stay away, stay far away.  I waste 10 minutes everyday perusing the site for the daily deals.  I have ordered a few things...the first purchase came super quick...I am still waiting on these refridgerator magnets from 2 weeks ago....sigh.

I actually won something last week at a Raleigh Chamber lunch event I attended with some co-workers.  Tommy Bahama has a new store open at Crabtree Valley Mall and one lucky winner (that would be me) won a free pair of jeans.  I was skeptical since I had never even tried their clothes before, but since they were free and because I have a very small wardrobe now thanks to post-baby body...I was excited!  I set up an appointment and tried all different styles on.  It was actually really fun:)  And...I love their jeans!  They were really comfortbale, flattering, and.....the real kicker.....they were not so low rise that my butt crack hung out every time I even thought about bending over!!  I will certainly be going back there again.  Plus, they have really awesome coastal home decor (and candles!)  Next time you are over at Crabtree...stop in and see them, they are right next to Brooks Brothers on the second floor.

I settled on these boyfriend jeans...and I can't wait to wear them now that it is cooler outside.

SO...those are some of my faves (besides my wonderful husband and daughter!) I know I will think of tons more after I post this, but I'll spare yall and do it another time. 

Monday, October 1, 2012


That's the number of pictures on my iPhone...1,248....and yes, I do delete them every so often after I upload to shutterfly.  That being said, I thought it rude not to share some with y'all.

Happy viewing!