Monday, February 29, 2016

Prayers, please...

My heart is so heavy today.  I have a dear, dear friend in the hospital.  He is very sick and I adore him.  My dad and I went to see him yesterday, and I could have spent all day and night there and it wouldn't seem enough.

Bill is like a father to me.  I've known him and his family for over 20 years.  Besides my own dad, Bill is the one man who has inspired, coached, and motivated me.  When I felt like giving up and doubted I would ever accomplish something in skiing, Bill believed in me.  He opened up his home, lake, and heart to me and my family.  I have spent every weekend over the past 15 summers with him.  We drove 2.5 hours every week to ski with him. We could have skied at closer places, but we loved Bill, and he loved us.  He loved skiing with us, hanging out with us, sharing his wisdom and resources with us.  We knew we had to leave his lake by a certain time to make it to Chickfila in Asheboro for dinner before they closed at 10pm....the workers at Chickfila KNEW us.  
That's how often we went.  That's how much we loved skiing with him.

He is an inspiration - still skiing and competing after hip replacement surgery.  And he's an amazing skier- competing nationally for as long as I've known him, in all three events.

And he is a good, good man.  
Hard working, funny, caring, selfless....I could go on and on.

He has been sick for months now, in and out of the hospital.  This is his third time in, and we are hoping the doctors are on the right track.  Something is making him sick - causing renal failure, fevers, and low hemoglobin levels.  Please pray for wisdom for the infectious disease doctor - that he would be searching, open to exploring avenues, leaving no option unresearched or tested.  And pray for Bill, that he would continue to not feel pain but be comforted, rested and confident in healing. Pray that he would know how Loved he is, by the Lord and everyone around him.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

1. Instagram inspirations
These 2 accounts are awesome - such good inspiration on social media - esepcially when it is easy to get bombarded with images that make us compare and doubt our own beauty and lives.

This talented designer sells prints and other items with verses in the most beautiful patterns.  She does a Wednesday free image for you to use as wallpaper on your phone.  Here are some of my favorites...
I am dying to order some of the devotionals in this shop.  She also has wonderful Bibles and journals, as well as scripture cards.

I am obsessed with this scent right now - so clean, yet feminine.  If I could bather in it, I would.  I bought the rollerball at Sephora, because it's much more affordable and convenient for travel and carrying around.

3. Cherry Blossom Pinot Noir at Trader Joe's
They had this at the sample station a month ago, and I fell in love with it.  Very smooth, not sweet, and only $3.99!!  What What!!!!

I bought a case...that's how much I liked it:)

4. Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Cleansing Foam
I saw this in Better Homes & Gardens this month, and have been a roses kick lately, and I needed a new I thought I'd try it out.  You can buy their products at Whole Foods, and they happen to be on sale this week as well.  So far, I really like it - gentle but cleansing.  I am a later girl - I can't stand things that don't sud.  I am hoping to try the face cream out soon too, so I will let y'all now how I like it.

5. Loft poncho
I walked into Loft the other day and noticed their amazing sale section, with 50% off.  The picture on the web doesn't do this poncho justice.  It's such a great piece that adds a little extra something to an outfit.  They have several other styles right now there, all for reasonable prices.

Primary Image of Colorblock Fringe Poncho

These are NOT good pictures, but you get the idea...a simple denim shirt and black pants - the poncho pulls it together:)

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Friday!!!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekend recap

Today is one of those days where I just feel overwhelmed....I don't really have a particularly good reason to feel that way, but sometimes your mind likes to throw a million worries and thoughts at you all at once.  We had a really good weekend together (again), and sometimes when I return to work on Monday, I'm reminded of how much I love the time we have together and wish it never ended.  I'm reminded of how much I enjoyed life with Emma and friends and family this past summer when I didn't work.  And then I feel guilty for thinking that because I know some people would kill to have any job, let alone one that affords them to also be with their family.  I know, I know....the fear and worry monster creeps in and robs us of present joy while pining for past or present moments.  
So, I say all of it to just get it off my chest.  I think I feel better now:)

Saturday morning we went for a walk on the trails behind my parent's house.  I grew up playing in these woods and trails, so I have really fond memories here. The weather was beautiful - perfect for being outside!

We came home to eat lunch (leftovers) and then rested before heading out that afternoon.  We met our same F3 crew at Bull McCabe's for family fun.  Again - LOVING downtown Durham and all it's awesomeness!  I am really loving these wives and their kids lately too.  Such an easy bunch to be with, and I love all of our get togethers.

Emma loved climbing this tree...I tried to get better pictures, but I was too busy talking:)

We came home and ordered Pop's Backdoor Pizza for dinner.  Emma snuggled with Sunflower on the couch......

Forced love is the best love.....

Sunday morning, it was nice out and we were actually early for church, so I thought we should take a few pictures.

Emma wouldn't stand with me...and wouldn't let me sit next to her.  The hormonal teenage years have already started....

She did, however, let daddy sit with her.  (Insert dramatic eye roll here)

Brent works the lights some days at church, so we sit in the balcony.  I looked over at Emma during one of the worship songs, and caught her "teaching" from the Bible.

It was adorable...she really loves to "teach."  She had me put her binky up as the student...because all creatures need God!

We went to Jason's Deli after church with some of our friends we had hung out with the afternoon before - and had a great time.  It was 2:00pm before we got home, and usually that stresses me out because I hate the way Sundays go by so quickly....but Brent and I both did some cleaning, and the house looked awesome by dinner time.

Brent did take a break for some makeup lessons......

He's such a good sport!

I had gone through all my makeup and gave Emma some and threw A TON away.  I used to have a lot of makeup - I was sort of a Bobbi Brown addict.  Then I started to just not care as much.  I was never one of those girls who overdid it...I just liked makeup.  Most of it was wayyyyy expired, so it felt liberating to get rid of it.  It was also really fun to see Emma's face light up when I gave her a small cosmetic bag filled with more kid friendly things (lip glosses, sample size eye shadows and blushes).  She had a blast and felt so special.  It was definitely one of those memories that's so iconic...daughters mimicking mommies. Since she had been on such a daddy kick lately, it was nice:)

We are headed to Blowing Rock this week for some winter family fun and we are so excited!!!  Hope everyone else has just as great a week!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

It's Friday???

Y'all, it's been a LONG week.  Monday was an ice day...I stayed home with Emma and went outside once (and didn't leave the porch).  I am a "do-er" - I love getting things done and getting out.  Being stuck inside is somewhat torturous for me.  
I worked Tuesday, and was off Wednesday.  Emma seemed to be recovered from her cold (she had one over the weekend with a fever), and so I went about our normal schedule Wednesday - Bible Study then errands.  She had woken up in the middle of the night and complained about her ear hurting, but I just ignored it (we tend to be irrational in the middle of the night), and she didn't mention it any the next morning.  I had to go to Hobby Lobby to get some beads to fulfill an Etsy order after church, so we loaded up (the closest one is in Elon...smh).  I should have noticed that she was a bit lethargic and getting cranky.....

Her fever must have been coming on, because she was really cold and almost fell asleep in the cart like this.  I got what we needed, and decided to get us home quick.

She complained about her ear when we got in the car (so naturally, I felt stupid since it was obvious she wasn't lying in the middle of the night!).  I called and got us an appointment at the pediatrician, and drove us home.  Emma fell asleep immediately, and I was glad for her to get some rest.  I took my time getting back and went the backroads, since I didn't want to get to the doctor too early and sit there to wait, but there wasn't enough time to do anything else or go home first.

Her temp was 99.8 when we got there, but as we waited and went through the appointment, the doctor had it taken again since her body felt much warmer than what was read.  When they took it again, it was 102.  So I had them give her some Tylenol and a popsicle:)

The doctor checked her out - her throat looked fine, but she couldn't see her ear drum because there was too much wax.  Now before you start judging my mommy hygiene aren't supposed to use q-tips (according to the doctors), and the wax is supposed to work itself out (Eww.).  So they wanted to soften the wax and flush her ear out.  

Emma was NOT a fan.  As soon as she heard this, she was like "no, thank you."  (this is what she says when she doesn't want to do something - like get dressed, eat vegetables, or.....get her ear flushed out by some strange nurse)

They made her lie down on the table and put some liquid in her ear that was supposed to stay in there for 10 minutes.  Emma was screaming bloody murder at this point, and inconsolable.  It was ripping my heart out, but I was also just concerned because I'm sure people in Raleigh could hear her wailing, not to mention the other children in the office. (sorry!)

The nurse finally came back in (I'm pretty sure it was WAY longer than 10 minutes), and attempted to flush her ear out.  
Folks, if someone ever asks you to do this, say no.  Run.  Don't let them do this to your child.  
I don't know if it was painful, scary, or both.  But Jesus take the wheel...I had to hold down my child with force, while they took this giant syringe and shot water in her ear, all while holding this weird cup under her ear to catch the water.  After 4 unsuccessful attempts, we called it a day.  I promised Emma that was the last try

So we waited for the doctor to come in, hoping she would just prescribe us an antibiotic anyway since it was harmless to do so.  
But no....
this OTHER nurse comes strutting in with the first nurse. 
You know the kind - all high and mighty - like "the first nurse couldn't get it done, but I me!"  
I had already promised Emma no more flushing, and this lady is insisting on it.  Cue wailing and screaming as we attempt 3 more times.  

Y'all...I am spent, done, over it.  There was not enough Xanax or alcohol to soothe me at this point.  I'm putting my daughter through unnecessary trauma for what seems like a lost cause.  Finally, the doctor comes in to intervene - like a beacon of light and hope (or maybe it was an angel...too similar to tell at that point), and says "oh no,'s fine.  Let's not put her through this anymore."  
I'm not sure if she was talking about me, or Emma.  But holy moly, thank the Lord.

She was confident it was an ear infection, and there was no harm putting her on meds if it wasn't.  If Emma was not better in a few days, we would go back.  

So, that was our Wednesday afternoon - almost 2 hours at the doctor's office.  I had been texting Brent and he came home early to support us:)  Ironically, Emma has not complained again about her ear, and been mostly fever free.  

I kept her out of school Thursday (like a good mom who doesn't want to share germs with the rest of the class) and we ran errands and did a lot of laundry.  Friday was supposed to be my day off (no work, no child), but I am working today to make up.  Emma is an easy child, so I can't complain, but when she doesn't feel well, she tends to be very intolerant and bratty.  Whining is the one thing that sets me off...I go from 0-60 on the anger scale.  But we have made it through, I think......

Next week, we are headed to the mountains for a family trip and the weather looks awesome - cold and snow!  I am not ready for it to be warm yet...I barely feel like we had winter!  Prayers we all stay healthy in the next week!

Happy weekend to all!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cold weather recap...

I love cold weather, so when I saw high temperatures in the 30's, I was excited:)  We've had some pretty fun days the past week and a half, despite not getting the anticipated snow we were wanting (ICE is not as fun for sure!) and Emma catching a bad cold.

After Bible Study on Wednesday, we had lunch with Ms. Jane - Emma adores the whole Mitchell family, as do I:)

I picked her up from school one afternoon and she had drawn the most awesome picture - "you, me, and daddy!"  For the record....I am the brown person in the picture, and daddy is pink!?!?!
I just love watching her develop skills and creativity - it is so neat to see her draw and do more than scribbles.

I took her to school for her Valentine's party on Friday, and Brooklyn came by to say hello!  

Here is Emma handing a Valentine to Aaron...I love the awkwardness!

Emma brought chips to the party, so she handed them out to each kid.

Then, she played with her friends for a few minutes.  I love watching her interact in the classroom.  

Emma and Miss Jordan, one of her teachers.

Hugs all around!

After the party, I took Emma to my parents because they were keeping her for the night so Brent and I could go to a party.  Emma had been a challenge all day - really whiny and short tempered (it turns out she was getting a bad cold so that explained it).  I came home and sat on the couch BY MYSELF.   I didn't even want to get ready for the party, I was so relaxed.  But I eventually showered and got dressed.

Our party was at the Rickhouse - an amazing new event space and soon to be distillery that our friends own.  We adore the Kulenics and were so happy to celebrate Daniel turning 40!

My handsome date:)

We danced and had the best time - I miss these friends being next door, but so glad we still get together!

The next morning, Brent and I laid on the couch and watched like 4 episodes of Parenthood - we recently started it on Netflix and I love it!  It was heavenly not to watch Dora or any other animated mindless kids' show.  I usually feel guilty about not being a "mom" non-stop.  But I really was fine - no guilt at all!  Brent had a moment where he felt like we should go get her because he felt bad, and I was like "no, I'm good right here, thanks."  I definitely don't get away from Emma that much (unless I am working...which does not count!), so I really enjoyed it.  We went to get Emma around lunchtime and the poor thing was running a fever.  She was also still pretty moody...see below.  In this particular incident, Emma was upset because Swerve did not want her to hug him (shocker), and he kept running away from her.  #firstworldproblems

So we stayed in and made a fire that night, and Brent cooked us steaks on the grill.  I was extremely grateful we had a break from Emma earlier that day because she really was a handful.  Granted, she was running a fever for most of the weekend.  But, who are these sick kids who nap on the couch all day?  Mine is certainly pitiful looking, but demonic in behavior. 

 Sunday was Valentine's and we opted no to go to church since Emma was sick and coughing all the time.  My conscious wouldn't let me put her in Children's church and I was sure she would bother the whole sanctuary with her coughing or whining.  So, we went to Saxapahaw for lunch, in hopes that she'd fall asleep on the way there or back.  Brent and I love country drives, so we were excited.  The General Store was super crowded, but the food was great, and Emma loved dancing at the Ballroom with her favorite Valentine:)

Monday turned out to be a snow/ice day, so I stayed home with Emma.  Since she was sick and tired, we did a lot of lounging.  We did manage to have like 47 tea parties which point I was ready to sub in some wine for the tea and maybe some real cake.  It was a rough day staying indoors - it was too icy to go anywhere and walking was treacherous.  I hate being inside all day - it drives me crazy.  But we managed, and Emma turned the corner and is feeling better (and acting better) - and I have never been so happy to come to work - or at least leave the front porch!

We have a low key week ahead - and then next week, we are headed to the mountains with Emma!  Prayers for cold and snow there - we are hoping to teach Emma how to ski:)