Monday, April 25, 2016

Catching up...

I haven't been a very good blogger lately...I know all 3 of you are super disappointed in me:)

Life is just rolling along...we are enjoying lots of time outside and time with friends.  Most weeks are filled with work and daily household chores, and weekends have been spent with friends, at the lake, or at church.

Emma loves to snuggle with the cats, and I must's adorable and they are so patient with her.  What cats do you know that would allow this to happen????

I had to take Emma to work with me one afternoon for a workshop, and she was adorable in the classroom.  She loves being with Brent and I when we are doing "adult" things - like watching me workout, sitting with us through the WHOLE church service.  I think she really enjoys watching us do things we don't normally do in the house.  It's a bit of a struggle, because there are legit childcare places she should be during these times.

Spirit week at school - Emma was Doc McStuffins one day and WAS NOT FEELING IT.

The next day she got to wear her princess dress and I swear, the child grinned from ear to ear ALL day.

We headed to the lake for some spring cleaning.  Emma did such a good job raking!

It was the most gorgeous day there!

And of course, Emma was completely worn out by the end of the day!

Monday of last week, we all headed to Ikea.  Of course, we stopped at Cracker Barrel for some pancakes to fuel up!  They have the best gifts there, and Emma walked out with a butterfly dress and wings:)  She was super pumped!

She did fairly well there - it's definitely a bit more fun without kids (sorry, Emma).  But I was prepared with the ipad.

We stopped at Lexington BBQ on the way home, and since Emma was out cold, we took it home.  It was the best excuse to buy a ton of BBQ and slaw to nibble on all week!

Emma fell on the playground right when I picked her up one afternoon and scraped her arm pretty good.  The fake grass/astro-turf stuff is really nice for when it rains and not getting puddles, but awful on the skin!

We had to meet Brent's sister at the mall because she was in town and had just gotten engaged, so I cheered Emma up with a trip to Pottery Barn kids.  We didn't buy anything, but she loves to play with the toys (which is probably frowned upon by the employees but oh well)

Our sweet friends next door had their second child, Eleanor Thursday last week!  

Emma was super pumped because we got to pick up Brooklyn from school and hang out with her one evening.

 They played really well together...much to Swerve's dismay!

Emma had a birthday party at the park Saturday, and had a blast - they even had a pinata:)

She also enjoyed running errands with me...of course, we had an iced mocha at Joe Van Gogh's:)

Sunday we went to church.  Emma wanted to wear this old purse of mine - that I think my grandparents brought back from Australia for me when I was a little girl.

We have a busy week ahead - Peace is in their last week of class, and exams start Friday.  Then my Uncle and Aunt are coming this weekend to visit - which is always a great time!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

A big girl bike!

Emma has been asking for a big girl bike ever since I showed her a picture of a pink princess one, complete with doll seat on the back {insert eye roll}.  We were in Walmart the other day to get her a new helmet, so she could ride her scooter (her old one barely fits on her head), and of course.....she spotted THE bike right away.

I called Brent to tell him, and Emma yelled in the background - "Daddy, can we buy it???!!!"  

How could we resist? 

It's been on our list to get her one, and I wanted to wait for her birthday, but that's almost 2 months away.  She would definitely want to ride it before then.  Plus, she has been very good lately:)

Our debut ride - getting used to brakes will take some time, but I am confident she will get the hang of it.  I really wish we didn't live on a hill (either going up or down!)

She spotted the scooter after 2 bike rides in one day and HAD to play with it, instead.

IF the weather ever warms up, I am looking forward to riding bikes with her.  I have a feeling I will be more than likely chasing her on foot than riding myself, but it sounds like good exercise!

Thursday, April 7, 2016


We decided to use some free passes we had to Marbles this past week.  I have been before, so I knew she's love it (again).  

I will not make the mistake of going during the week in the morning again.  Apparently, that is when all the school groups go.  What a nightmare.  We got there about 10:30, and by 11:30, I could tell there were thinning out.  But that first hour was awful -  kids everywhere.  Emma is really shy in those situations, so she was not having much fun.  Other older kids were either trying to play with her, or cutting in front of her - either way...Emma kept looking at them like they had 3 eyes.  The workers told me to come in the afternoon, or on a Monday - when no school groups are allowed.  NOTED.

We did get to do craft time - a once a week grant funded activity.  She made this flower, and soon after started warming up more.

My little skater/surfer:)

We spent most of our time in this area - Emma loved doing all the activities - even basketball!  

We left around 12:30 to go have lunch with dad.  I didn't take any pictures, but all Brent's customers just love seeing Emma.  We ate at Hayes Barton Cafe, and picked out some candy from dad's store before heading home.

I had hoped Emma would be too wiped out when she got home and would want to rest on the couch......

but, this child is obsessed with princesses lately.  So....we played dress up.

One of her favorite things to do in play the Frozen soundtrack and sing and dance.  She not only knows all the words to the songs, but also the choreography.  It's hilarious, and cute, and I love it.  She does not, however, want you to watch her, or sing and dance too.  Don't be an amateur and make that mistake like I have:)

{I would also like to document this post because Emma is NOT WEARING her cowboy boots....a miracle in itself.  I have no idea how we got out of the house without her realizing this and demanding to change.}

Monday, April 4, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter came and went this year and I neglected to document it.  Here is what's been happening around here lately...

We kind of dropped the ball on egg hunts this year...I was going to go to a big one at Maple View, but my friends backed out, and i really didn't feel like going alone with Emma (Brent was working).  Last year, Emma's school had a big hunt on Saturday, but this year they scaled it WAYY back and did in Friday afternoon.  It was fun for Emma, but no where as much fun as last year.

Emma's really into bubbles right now:)

Easter morning at church, Brent had light duty, and Emma loves to sit up there with him and "help."  I decided we would take some silly photos since I knew a family picture after church was probably not in the cards:)

We always do an egg hunt at my parents, and this year was no disappointment.  I love watching Emma run around the yard - the same yard I grew up in and hunted for eggs in...:)

I had a hair appointment one evening and Brent couldn't get off work early, so I took Emma with me.  She always does so good, and I actually love taking her with me - what a team!

The Easter bunny brought Emma some gardening tools and accessories.  We planted 3 small pots of flowers, and have been watering/stalking/touching/poking them daily.

 I let Emma wear her Dora dress for errands the other day...her obsession with the Paw Patrol dress (see above pics) and this Dora dress are a bit out of control.  But, I guess I can't fight everything.

Brent is almost done with the stairs!  We went to Lowe's with him to get some plywood to block off the stairs while he put the final coats of varnish on them to keep the cats from walking on them.  Everyone in there wanted to be just like Emma:)

I made these custom pieces for a cute co-worker.  She is expecting her first baby in a month or so.  She has an antler piece as well, and I need to get some photos of her because she is just the cutest thing!  My etsy shop has been doing pretty good lately, so I am pleased, and I am researching other retail avenues, so I'm excited to see where those take me!

We moved Emma's seat back as far as it can go on her trike, and she is asking daily for a new bike.  I showed her a princess one with a babydoll carrier on it, and she's pretty much obsessed now.  I keep telling her we will wait for her birthday - which I think is entirely too far off now that I think about it....

Happy spring, everyone!!  It's going to be pretty cool around here for a week or so, then I'm hoping for a warm up!!