Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A day at the lake...

I skipped Show and Tell Tuesday this week because the topic was "tell us about your most embarrassing moment," and honestly, I really couldn't think of anything. outrageously funny stories of me falling down in front of thousands of people or anything:)

When I saw the forecast for this week, I knew I would definitely be taking Tuesday off to spend with Emma.  One of the many things I am thankful for is the ability to choose, weekly, the 3 days that I work.  

We started the day with a trip to Old Navy for some flip flops:)

I swear I did not ask her to do these poses...and she normally isn't like this!

After our quick shopping trip, we headed down to the lake.  I had packed us some PB & J's and a few other snacks.  We LOVE to go to the lake, and Emma's been asking to go all week.  We even go when it's cold out!  There's so much to do - walking trails, a playground, fields, beach, and a restroom:)  We usually go to Ebenezer Point and if anyone ever wants to come with - we are down!

We set up our blanket on the field near the playground first.  There were a few people on the beach area (sun-bathers!), but we really had the place all to ourselves.

It got HOT quickly, and Emma really wanted to get in the water.  I knew she really wouldn't, but I decided to move us to a secluded beach area.....

It was heavenly...and there was a slight breeze coming in as the day moved on that felt awesome!

We put on feet in the water...and then shrieked at how cold the water was!  Emma thought this was the best thing ever:)

I thought this tree was so cool....all the roots were completely out of the ground.  It really did feel like we had our own island!

 We played in the sand, read books, and laid around in the sun.

 The sky was the most beautiful shade of blue..

The picture below cracks me I am, trying to get a cute selfie with Emma...but she is having nothing to do with it!

 I found out last Friday that I would have the summer months off from work this year:)  I am beyond grateful and SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!  I have a feeling we are going to live here this summer.

On the way home, Emma feel asleep.  So, I made a stop for some good country cookin for our ride home.  I knew she needed a good snooze, so I took the back way home...and enjoyed some alone time:)

It was a fantastic day, and I felt so blessed to have been able to do it.  I am so thankful for working part time, and for living near such a beautiful place.  I have so, so many special memories growing up on the lake, and I am thrilled to share them with Emma now;)

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