Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My little Fashionista

I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing...but Emma loves a closet.

I open hers up and she starts beaming with excitement - "oohh oohh!"

I open mine up, and she darts over with whatever method will get her there fastest.

She then proceeds to the shoes - probably because they are the closest within reach...and instinctively only goes for my Tory Burch flats. Call it good taste...or maybe it's just the bright gold - this girl loves her some Tory.  She's not partial either - she'll take the gold flats, the black ones, or even the sandals...Brent better hope it's just a phase!

"Are these for me??"

"Mmmmm....these are tasty!"

"Thanks, mom! I'll take these to my room now!"

Monday, April 22, 2013

We've got a walker!

It's been super busy at the Talley house - we are winding down the semester at Peace, Brent has been out of town for some work business, and Miss Emma has taken a liking to walking.  Yes, you read that correctly - walking.  Emma is 10 1/2 months and officially walking.  I am always amazed at how fast these milestones come up - one day you're lamenting that she'll never take a step, and then literally overnight, she is running a half marathon...kidding.

DISCLAIMER: ****Please, please, please turn your volume down- or maybe even I am screaming  squealing like a little girl with excitement.****

It all started when I got her this scooter right after Easter.  I was so excited about this CHEAP purchase from Kid to Kid.  Don't judge me for buying  a used toy - I saw no point in spending top dollar for a toy she may or may not like - and if she did happen to like it, then would most likely scratch it up the first time we went outside with it.

Ever since, she has been scooting around here and there, but only inside, so with limited space.  She had masted the crab walk and crawling was getting too boring for her. We noticed she was getting more daring with her standing, and started coaxing her to walk to us...she would take on or steps and then lunge towards us - smiling the whole time and looking back at which ever parent was watching to make sure we saw it!  It was the cutest thing.  We did this every night this past week, and she was really starting to take more steps each time.  I knew she would be walking before the weekend - and especially because Brent was out of town (he was also out of town for her first tooth...he has a way with missing the milestones!)  This weekend she really took off - still shaky, and I don't think she knows her power yet, but moving along great.

We have been spending a lot of time outside lately too.  We wait in the driveway for dad to get home most evenings - this is one of her favorite times.  She sees dad's big white truck and her face lights up.  She gets really excited and breathes really heavy...sometimes she gets so excited that she starts crying... probably because she is also exhausted at this point (I am having to keep her awake so that she can see dad when he gets home)

 We also took advantage of the warm weather and thought we'd have a pool day......I saw this baby pool online and HAD to have it for Emma.  It is the cutest thing ever.  She was not as enthused as I thought she'd be with the pool idea...I even warmed up the water and everything.  Hopefully it was a fluke, because this child will have to love water to survive in our family:)

While Brent was gone this weekend, I got to spend some much needed time with my parents - at my "old" home. It was fabulous - I just loved being there with Emma, thinking about all the time I had spent there as a child.  Emma had a blast too.  Despite having 2 cats of our own, Emma was super enamored with Painter - probably because he was terrified of her.  Painter is 18 years I don't blame him. Emma didn't mind pushing her scooter on the gravel, and certainly had no problem on the street.  It was hilarious - she went halfway up the street and I had to turn her around - she then was going downhill..but couldn't slow herself down, so I had to slow the scooter down.  All the while, my dad was mowing the lawn and she'd look over at him as if to say "see...I am mowing too!"

Friday, April 5, 2013

Emma's First Easter

Christmas was not as exciting this year, only because Emma was not really old enough to understand it.  I know that even still, at Easter and only 9 months, she is not grasping the full concept, but Emma had a blast with her Easter basket!  I went back and forth on whether she was going to get one, and ran across an idea on Pinterest for non-candy items for babies and toddlers.  It included things like bubbles, plastic eggs with puffs or yogurt melts, toothbrush, stuffed animals, books, small toys, etc...

When Emma was sick, we ventured to Target one day and I picked up some goodies for her.  I was more excited than her...until Easter morning!

"'s morning already?"

"What's this.....presents!!!???!!!!

"A toothbrush - just what I've always wanted!!"

"These eggs have something inside!!!!"

We went to my parents for Easter dinner and decided to try out our bubbles...Emma LOVED them and I can't wait for some warmer weather to do it again!

Emma is such a joy - from her huge smiles in the morning and beaming pride when she stands up on her own before we all go about our days to the excitement I get to see when I walk into daycare to pick her up.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Where are you, Spring?

I have to admit...I am a little anxious for Spring this year.  Truth is, I love winter and wish we got more of it (and by more, I mean REAL winter - snow!).  But I feel as though I really did not have a summer last year - Emma was born in June - so it was no layin out, hangin out, soaking up rays kinda summer for me.  It did get hot early last year, but I was pregnant, so I clearly didn't look cute and tan in all my dresses and tank tops last Spring.  The other down side about all this cold is the COLDS.  We have managed to stay fairly healthy since Christmas...then the worst cold ever hit the Talley house.  Emma got it first, and actually she still has it.  She stayed out of daycare for a and on fever, tons of snot, coughing/hacking.  She is a trooper and rarely whines.  The worst part has been her hoarse voice and the coughing spells at night.  She would cough for 30-40 minutes at night - not enough to wake her up and cry, but enough to keep us up hearing it.  We put a humidifier in her room and thought it helped, but only for one night.  The doctor said to just let it run its course, but this cold has got to go!

I got it last week, and still have it- worst sore throat I've ever had and just a down right tired feeling.  I managed to give it to Brent, so now we are all in it for the long haul!  It's really made me realize how much I take being healthy for granted.  I'm thankful I don't feel like this all the time, and was even more thankful to be able to spend the whole week with Emma - it was very hard to take her to daycare this week.

Here's a look at our week...we managed to get out some to the mall and walk (it was nasty last week - cold and wet), and also to the Fearrington on Saturday for lunch and strolling around.

SOOOOOO excited for Lilly to open at Southpoint!!  This was our first day at home sick and we ventured out for a walk in the mall.  It made my day to see this! Brent was not as excited when I called to tell him, and said I wasn't allowed in.

Sunflower wanted to make sure Emma was ok...and Emma has discovered Busytown  on UNC TV

Emma loves to rearrange her food bin - I try and label everything and separate it into categories (meats, fruits, veges, breakfast, etc... and also with her name so it's ready for daycare).  She, however, has other plans.  She gets super excited when I open the pantry door and comes as fast as she can grinning...she does the same thing when I open the dishwasher too.  I hope this means she will be a good cook and cleaner.

Brent is an awesome photographer..if anyone wants his info, he'll be glad to take pictures for your special occasion.

Checking out the cows...

Emma's new thing is waving....

again, waving....too darn cute!

I apologize that my scarf covers this pretty girl's face...she had a blast!