Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend outside

Even though it was cold, it was I tried hard to make outside activities happen:)

Thursday night, we hung out with some friends before the UNC game.  It was 5 girls and lots of fun for Emma.....

Friday was rainy...and I had a hair appt.  I had to reschedule it for a daytime hour, and I had to take Emma. (can you hear the terror in my voice???)  

We went to the bathroom 4 times while we were there.  It was exhausting, but we made it through.  I won't be doing it again though......

This moment of getting my hair "did" and entertaining an almost 3 year old deserves a documentary pic.  
I also deserve some sort of reward for making it out alive and in one piece.

Brent had to work Saturday, so Emma and I headed to my parents to hang out.  We realized she likes manual labor, and my dad is pumped for the extra help!

I feel really fortunate to live so close to my parents and be able to visit them so much.  I have so many good memories at my old "home" and love that I am sharing them with Emma.

Here she is...completely worn out...and probably contemplating solutions to the world's problems:)

Sunday, after church, we went out to Duke Forest to "hike."  Emma wasn't really feeling it until we got to the stream.  She also wasn't into the "hiking" Brent and I got plenty of exercise carrying her the whole time.

We had a blast anyway, and are just glad to be outside, together.  A lot of my friends are off "spring breakin it" in tropical climates, so I'll be living vicariously through their pictures this week...but at least it will be over 60 degrees and sunny for the most part!

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