Friday, May 25, 2012

Mind dump

This post is more for feel free to skip it and go back to your busy lives:) Otherwise, read on for enjoyment and employer time theft.

1. I long for labor to start..I know delivery is supposed to be 3 weeks away, but I am oh so ready.  I cannot wait.  I was super paranoid about the whole delivery thing last week, and then after a few good talks with a good friend and my family, I am super excited now. (Well..not excited for pain, but ready to get it over with). But who knows...I could be trembling with terror tomorrow about wait 20 minutes and the mood might change!  I'm so ready to meet Emma, and finally hold her.

2. Mood swings - getting better this week.  Last week...not so good.  I threw a few things in the nursery for no good reason.  Theme seems to be: totally non-balanced reaction to the situation.

3. I long for normal clothes again.  I have a pretty diverse maternity wardrobe..but I am really wanting some more color...and something without a full panel of hot, itchy elastic around my waist.  I think I just want to feel pretty again...not really feeling this pregnant "glow" and being huge isn't one to boost the ego. I also would like to see my legs...I know they are pale, but honestly, I can't even see them, so I apologize for their appearance...I hope I shaved too.

4. The nursery is really coming along.  I love seeing it all put together and imagining myself in there with Emma.  I need more decor for the walls, and the changing table isn't done.  But I honestly am not too concerned right now.  We have a crib, monitor, and car seat...we could survive on that alone for now.

5. I am getting a little tired of being the "freak show" that walks into public places.  Yes, being pregnant has its perks - everyone is usually nice to you, and wants to make conversation...but there are also those who just stare at your belly...wondering if they need to get the hot water and towels out.  Or there are those who look and then immediately turn to their friend with some sort of comment that probably sounds like..."oh god, that must suck" or "eek..she's huge, I wonder when her due date" If you've been pregnant, then you know exactly what I am referring to...and sometimes it just ain't cool.

6. If one person mentions "going late," I will taser them.  Honestly, is it really necessary to say that to someone who is clearly uncomfortable and ready to deliver?  Why must people project such negativity onto others?  Does it make them feel better?  So, consider yourself warned...tell me I will deliver on time, or early...or else!!

7. Whoever wrote in the books that you start to lose weight at the end of pregnancy was a complete liar whose only intent was to deceive and ruin self-image.  I managed to gain 2 pounds in one week without even trying.  I'm pretty proud of myself and am hoping to continue this trend of physical fatness....

Here are some recent pics!  I still gasp every time I see myself in the mirror.  Can I really be THIS huge??

Mother's Day...35 weeks
36 weeks...
Happy Memorial day! 37 weeks... (just in case you are worried..our office did a holiday themed photo...hence the USA attire..I didn't really wear this to work)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Etsy obsessions...

For those of you who have not logged onto Etsy yet...DON'T.  Stay away as long as you me, your wallet will thank you (and your husband!).  I do get a lot of great ideas from the site, but I am smart enough to know my limitations right now.  And currently, I am in no shape to start any major projects.  I already have about 5 that needed to be done, yesterday.  So, I will support someone else's crafty talent in the meantime!

Here are a few of my current faves....

Amy Butler fabric Boppy cover...I reminded Brent that this would match both the nursery decor, AND the living room and bedroom it's really a necessity:)

Probably not that practical, but too cute...right?

My favorite..seersucker, monogram, and ruffle - 3 of my favorite things!  This also comes in women's sizes...geez...there goes the savings account! 

Soft, fabric nursery toys.  Brent thinks these are useless...I think they are ADORABLE..and used the "but don't you want her to be able to throw and catch?" card.

Monthly onesie stickers.  I love this idea. I had plans to make my own set, but have no idea what sizes to buy.  What if Emma's a "chunkster?"  Then, I've got a 6 month size onesie with a 6 month sticker, and the poor girl is busting out of it...we can't have that.
And by the way, all of these are pinned onto my Pinterest account (yet another obsessive and money grabbing site) if you're interested in them!

Friday, May 11, 2012


I stumbled upon these 2 cute photos from our shower at Hayes Barton, and wanted to share them:)
Jim and Sue gave us the most adorable teddy will be bigger than Emma for quite awhile...and I can't wait to see her drag it around the house as her favorite!

Kate made this blanket for us..and I certainly teared up.  There is something so special about a handmade gift that means so much.  She also knitted Emma the cutest little purple socks! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Peace family...

These lovely people make my job a joy...I love all of them dearly and can't wait for Emma to meet them!
My favorite people, minus Michelle, Brittany, Gary, Lauren, and Diane.  Thanks guys!

So darling! 

Brent made an appearance too!!
Dawn made an amazing diaper cake filled with goodies!
Cute baskets of gifts!
Emma has a great collection of books now!

Courtney is so carriage fruit salad!!

Peace College onesie - a collector's item!

My boss...and photographer extraordinaire!  Thanks for taking these wonderful pictures and making us all laugh!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More showers!

We had a marathon this weekend with showers on both days.  Brent and I cannot express how truly blessed we feel to have such great friends and family.  I was feeling really overwhelmed and worried last week with all that needed to be done, bought, and prepared for before Emma arrives.  After this weekend, I feel refreshed, excited, and ready for anything! The emotional support that each of my friends gave me was more than enough to get me out of my funk, and we can never fully thank everyone for all the gifts and goodies we received!

My hosts....

I am so thankful for Jane, Emily, and Annie - a family I am lucky to be a part of.  I have watched these girls grow from babies into beautiful young women and I am so proud of who they are becoming.  I affectionately call Jane my big sister, for she has been such an inspiration on being a Godly wife, mother, and friend.  I can't wait to start this new journey with them!
I am deeply proud that Kate and Jen grew from "neighbors" to dear friends over the past 6 years.  They have been people I love to hang out with and look to for support.  Here's to many more outings, walks, dinners, and impromptu cookouts!
And last, my mom.  It has been wonderful to take this journey as a mother, and share it with her.  It still seems oddly strange that she will be a grandmother!!!

My second shower was at Hayes Barton Pharmacy - the ladies Brent works with went all out to make sure we knew how excited they were about Emma:)  I can't be happier that Brent has found such wonderful people to work alongside, and what an awesome company Hardy White Pharmacies is.  Working for an independent pharmacy has been a dream of his, and he truly comes home happy everyday.  I am glad to be a part of their "family" and look forward to Emma roaming around the pharmacy and greeting customers as they come in.  The restaurant is closed on Sundays, but they reserved it for us.  Mrs. Virginia made the BEST chicken salad, deviled eggs, and homemade roasted pecans.  I did go back to the table at lest 3 times.  My only regret is not getting any pictures except for the food - can you tell what's on my mind lately???  Jennifer, Asha, Mrs. Virginia, Sue, Kate, Josie, Linda, Kathleen - I can't thank you enough!!!

Again, I apologize for not taking better pictures...when you're having can't help but not stop for those little details!

Aunt Paula, myself, and my mother:) I am 34 weeks..and still feeling great!

cute little onesies...
Preggos go for the food first...

Annie made these adorable rattle cupcake pops that she saw on Pinterest...they were so cute and yummy!
You know Emma will need lots of swim suits....lake, anyone?
Too funny!  I was joking around asking whether I needed a name tag for my own shower, and Kate quickly thought of if being gigantic wouldn't give away that I was knocked up:)
I love to see her monogram and name...I don't think that fuzzy feeling will ever get old!
Kate and Jen made these delicious chocolate dipped pretzels for everyone to take home...words don't do justice to how yummy they were!

 And...last but not least.....the food at Hayes Barton....

 We have one more shower this week at my work - I am beyond a doubt getting so spoiled...Emma is going to be the most loved girl in the Triangle!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Goofing off...

Before you judge me on the following pictures, just know that Sunflower purred the ENTIRE time this was happening.... 
AND was totally Brent's idea.  
I did, however, laugh hysterically...almost to the point where clean up would have been required.  And, no, we will not be those people that dress their pets...that's just weird.