Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites #2

1. PopUp workout

I have always been very active my whole life - whether with gymnastics as a child or with waterskiing. But I never really got into the whole "working out" thing.  I would join a gym and then go like 5 times a year.  I heard about PopUp through my friend, Carrie, who was teaching classes.  You pay as you come (so no more spending $40/month to go once...) and childcare is offered for only $2/child! (Yes.....$2 a child...that's less than a tall mocha, folks!)
I have loved meeting the other women, and just feel good going.  It is a positive, energetic, and fun time.  We crack jokes, roll our eyes when Katie (the awesome instructor) gets out the plates:), and laugh at ourselves.  It is a great workout, and I love being sore the next day (it means I actually DID some work!)  I also think the class mentality just works better for me...I know I have to go because I signed up for it and am committed now.
I LOVE going, and don't know what I would do without it!

2. Polar watch
My instructors at PopUp wear this watch and I loved them sharing their calories burned and heart rates after each class.  You wear a chest strap that monitors your heart rate and tells you how many calories you burn during any given time.  I have been wearing mine for workouts and it is addicting to try and get your heart rate up or burn more calories...kind of a goal or motivation.  It's also really cool to see how many calories you burn everyday doing "normal" things. I'm by no means a calorie counter, but I like to know a general sense of what my day burns so I can make better decisions (or at least know that if I give into my chocolate craving, I am going over my calorie intake!)

Monday's workout:

I kept it on for the rest of the day, and finally turned it off at 5pm.  I'd say chasing around a toddler, running errands, and cleaning up the house burns some calories!

3. Gratitude
I bought this Gratitude Journal last fall, and have been trying faithfully to write in it everyday.  I have missed some days weeks, but am trying nonetheless.  It really helps me focus on all the positive things in my life (not that I have anything to complain about anyway).  The basic premise is that you write down 5 things you are grateful for everyday.  It will certainly be neat to look back on these later.

I am also reading Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts (which I think goes well with the gratitude theme).  I am only on the second chapter, and honestly, I didn't think I could make it past the first, only because her writing style is a bit stream of consciousness.  But I am sticking with it and it is getting more "organized." I've heard nothing but good things about it, so I have to at least try reading the whole thing!
One trusted reviewer wrote:
"If you want a book that will challenge you and mess with you in the most beautiful of ways, this is it."
So, in a away I am scared to keep reading, but also compelled:)

4. Trader Joe's
Besides the cheap wine, I am loving A LOT of products that Trader Joe's offers right now.  I stock up twice a month on things we have come to call staples at our house.  I won't mention them all here, but the 2 things that I may throw a tantrum over if not in stock at the store are......

Chocolate Lava cakes (warm them up in the microwave, then add a dollup of coffee ice cream on top and watch it melt into the hot gooey chocolate.......)

and the Wine Country Chicken Salad (serve with crackers and some cheese...a complete meal!)

They are both life-changers....just trust me and go buy them!

5. My dad
Don't worry, I am thankful for my mom too, and love her very much, but this week is about my dad.  I have ALWAYS been a Daddy's girl (and am paying for it now with Emma!)  My dad is the most selfless person ever.  He is a very hard worker, extremely smart, and loves to have a good time too.  There's not much that he can't do or fix...and I LOVE that quality.  I could never have married a man who wasn't like this.  If you can't or won't change your own oil on your car, you are NOT the man for me!
Aside from having TWO Masters degrees, my dad is an accomplished guitar and trombone player, water skier and judge, wood craftsman (making furniture and buildings), yard/car/boat/home repair man extraordinaire, and all around awesome guy:)
He has taught me so much, but most important, he has MADE time for me.  This is probably my love language (thanks, Dad!) because he has consistently spoiled me with his time throughout life.

I am trying hard to emulate this with Emma, and Brent.  My dad has set a high standard, though, that's for sure!

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