Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites #3

I am really liking these Friday Fave posts!  If you're looking for another awesome blog to follow, go check out my friend, Carrie!  I love reading her Faves too:)

1. Russell Stover Easter candy

I have a serious addiction to these things.  First, they eggs come in a million different flavors - milk chocolate, dark chocolate, even white chocolate!  And they only come out this time of year, so I tend to stock up.  

CONFESSION - I once spent over $30 on candy.  
Hello, my name is Elizabeth, and I am a chocoholic.

My favorites are:
dark chocolate coconut cream eggs
dark chocolate maple cream egg
any of the marshmallow eggs
wedding cake egg

The Walmart in Morrisville has the best selection, as does Rite-Aid.

2. Jason Aldean's Old Boots, New Dirt

I have always been a huge country music fan.  I am currently loving this new album.  Right now, it's my go-to on car rides, or playing when we are outside enjoying the weather. 

CONFESSION - I recently ran the battery down on the truck listening to this album.  It was so low that the Jetta coudn't even jump it.  
Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I am addicted to loud music.

3. Earrings
I pretty much wear the same earrings everyday.  It's always a toss up between the Sheila Fajl, my pearls, or my Moon and Lola studs.  I have a drawer full of earrings, but really have not worn anything but these for the past year.  For that reason, they have to make an appearance on my Friday Faves!

Left to right: Large brushed gold Sheila hoops; Capella studs from Moon and Lola (now super on sale!); Pearl studs (probably from Belk); Double pearl studs (also from Belk); Silver flat brushed Sheila hoops; Thick brushed gold Sheila hoops

4. Gapfit workout wear
I have needed some new workout wear (since I actually WORKOUT and all now).  I had already braced myself to spend more than I think necessary at Lululemon, but to be honest, I didn't see anything I liked.  I went to 2 different stores in the area, and they were really picked over.  Plus, they had NO color in the store.  Do they not know what season it is??  I am hoping they get some bold hues in for spring and summer...I am done with black and grey right now.

I always shop at the Gap and decided to check there.  I ended up finding a lot that I liked, all at good prices.

I bought these pants in the navy color and find them really flattering on.  Some workout pants just make you look fat, no matter what.  Some are see through, and some are just uncomfortable all around.  I didn't find any of that to be true for far.

I really had been wanting some long sleeve tops to wear to and from workouts and also when being active outside in general.  I immediately fell in love with these colors.  I ended up buying the teal, light blue, and navy.  

I bought these during their Friends and Family event this weekend (which was awesome - 5 regular priced items at 50% off and all sale an extra 40% off!).  I am loving them, and glad I have found something in between pricey Lulu and cheap Target workout wear.

5. My hubby's skillzzzz
I think Brent was a bit miffed that my dad made it on the Friday Faves before he did...jeesh!  Cut a girl some slack!

I am really thankful for this guy EVERY day, but especially for his hard word and know-how.  Brent can and will fix, build anything...just ask him to.  He's a lot like my father in that way.  I am super thankful for all his handiwork.  Not only does he work super hard all day long dealing drugs (kidding), he comes home and makes our house, a home.

I couldn't even begin to scratch the surface of all he does for us...but here's a small list:)
washes, vacuums, and maintains all our cars
keeps our home looking pretty, and in working condition
makes awesome furniture for our home (dresser, bookcases, porch bench, special cat litter box, shelves in various closets, a structure to hold our firewood, etc..)
maintains and reinforces our deck
New countertops in the bathroom and wainscoting in walls
painting our walls and ALL of our wood trim white
all our landscaping and yardwork...

and he is currently building a storage shed for us:)

( I know I am probably missing a million other things he has done...sorry, B!)

He doesn't sit still long, and he does it all with a smile. 

He re-did our countertops and the backsplash in our half bath.

...and added wainscotting to the wall (a touch that this closet colonial lover approves of!)

I help a little, but Brent gets all the credit for your yard.

He built this stone walkway a few years ago...

and of course, Emma loves it:)

He recently installed these wall sconce lights for our bedroom - I love them!
this bench is my new fave - it sits outside our main door and is so handy for sitting, setting groceries on, taking off or putting on shoes....

I cant' find a good picture, and I know I have a million, but he built these beautiful built-in bookcases on either side of the fireplace.  They really do make the room.

Before Emma, we used her room as a make-shift shop!

Seriously, Brent is super talented and motivated...and that makes me one PROUD wife.
And just for giggles, I'm throwing this oldie in from year will be our 10th wedding anniversary and man, I'm glad I married him!

Until next week, friends!  Happy weekend!!

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  1. Easter candy is the death of me. Can't start buying it because can't stop eating it! Also, can your hubs come over and teach my hubs a thing or 10? He could learn to be handy, right?!?! Hahaha