Friday, January 31, 2014


This girl loves her some snow - I can't get enough of it.  One day I will live somewhere where we actually get snow more than once every 3 years.  

This was Emma's first snow, and I was super excited for her.  I already had her long underwear, ski bib pants, and accessories all ready!

After 30 minutes of getting it all on, we were ready!

Emma wasted no time and had no problems running around in the snow.

She actually kept the mittens on the whole time we were out...a true miracle if you ask me.

Mommy - daughter snow selfie!!!

"Let's go for a walk, mom!"

My sweet dad came over and brought us the sled.....and Bailey from next door joined in on the fun!

She could have ridden around in the sled all day...a great workout for me!

"Hold on!!"


Brent had to go into work that morning, but surprised us around 11:30!  He called me as we were outside and I looked down the street and saw a truck coming towards us.  I didn't think it was him because the truck was so dirty!  I was elated to have him home to share this day with us!!

Of course, I can't get all three of them to look at the camera at once...all while I pull Emma round on the sled..but I was so grateful to have these guys with me!

Coloring on the couch - I rarely let Emma do this as even "washable crayons" have their faults.

I taught Emma several dance moves over the week - and honestly, some of them I saw on Sesame Street (this ain't the Big Bird show you grew up with anymore!)  Here she is with her hands in the air (like raise the roof), saying "whoop whoop!"  

We had an awesome day - filled with homemade snow cream from the Winslows, several outside sledding trips, a fire in the fireplace, some knitting during naptime:), homemade chicken barley soup and bread, and some leftover Hayes Barton cake for dessert.  I could not have asked for a better snow day!!

You can never have enough stuffed animals....

Emma LOVES going over to Gamma and Gampa's house to get out every single one of my old stuffed animals.  I have about 40 of them, and Emma insists on having ALL of them with her, covering her, snuggling is quite possibly the cutest thing ever.  She loves every one of them, leans in to kiss each one, and hugs them tightly.  What a sweetheart she is.

Rolling by....

Life has been rolling by these days.....we all survived being sick (thank God mine was only a few days, whereas Brent was sick for over a week).  Emma has been a lot of fun lately (like always), and I just LOVE spending time with her.

One Saturday morning, we ventured out to the mall to get some wiggles out.  I was loaded up on Sudafed and Advil, and was feeling super energetic (until, of course, they wore off at about lunch time).

Stuffing our faces with cinnamon sugar pretzel bites...

Emma signing "more!"

being a super big girl and drinking out of a straw cup

Later that afternoon, Emma had a meltdown when Sunny started taunting her was super cute watching her start to melt into sadness when Sunflower laid all over her artwork!

Monday was MLK day and I decided to spend the day with her, instead of take her to daycare (mom of the year, right?!?!)  I get to spend such little time with her as it is, and although I desperately could have used some me time, some clean time, and some down time.....I have no regrets about letting those things aside.
My mom came over and we all walked to the park - it was an absolutely gorgeous day.  Then, my bestest friend, Corrie and her husband, Chris, came over for a visit and dinner.  I loved spending time with them, and loved seeing Emma play with them.

hugs for Corrie!!
cut slits in tenderloin, put apple slices into slits, drizzle with honey and top with cinnamon, add onion slices on top. i added extra apple slices around the pork and a little apple juice. 3-4 hours on low setting in the crockpot.
I made this pork tenderloin in the crock pot for was so delicious that I made it again the next weekend:)

The next weekend, we had a date night to Venable - after my recent blog post on how awesome this place was, I had friends all wanting to go there (it made this girl feel pretty loved!), so if the Nelson's were only in town for a week and a half, we were going there!  It was always!

Friday, January 17, 2014

I'm pretty sure I look like this today......

 or this....not sure which is most accurate....

So, I'd like to give a special shoutout to whomever shared this with Brent and I.  

We are eternally grateful and will think kind thoughts of your generous gift.  

I've already filled my trashcan at work with kleenex - no joke. It was empty when I got here, and now full....  of kleenex.  I'm leaving to go die in a pile on my couch.....should make the holiday weekend super fun!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

So far in 2014....

So far, 2014 has been good.  Brent getting a BAD cold/slight flu (I say slight flu because he did have the flu shot...) for over a week threw a bit of a curve ball into my "no-stress" plans for the year.  Coupled with it also being the first week of class for me and my bad cold, we are just trucking along in the Talley household.  I must admit, I have been doing really good.  I don't handle sickness very well - especially when Brent is sick.  He is my rock, my support.  If he is sick, I fall to pieces.  I have been handling being super mom, super wife, and super worker pretty good.  I had one small meltdown and that was far.  Emma has, thus far, been spared of this crud and we have managed to still have a blast with her.  Several of you know I have been very worried about her speech, and she is doing better.  We are working hard on it and praising her every time she says words.  She talks when she is with us and says 10-15 words.  Apparently, she does not talk at school, though, which concerns me.  She did say "duck" one day this past week.  Maybe she is shy, or too smart for the other kids...who knows.  All I know is it stresses the be-jesus out of me.  Please keep this in your prayers - if for nothing else but my sanity (or insanity!)
Here's our life so pictures:)

A recent lunch break trip to Target for diapers ended with Emma's first pair of faux Ugg' cute is she in these?!!!

I'd say she likes them! She kept stomping all around the floor in delight because they are a bit heavier than her normal shoes.

I caught her searching for Swerve on day...she pulls up the bed skirt and yells "HI" over and over.  Poor cat...

  We also have a climber...

My mom's birthday was last Thursday, so we celebrated Sunday afternoon.  Emma loved helping "Gamma" open her presents!

and wearing it.....

"oooh...what's in here?!?!?"

It's not pictured here, but I knitted my mom a scarf.  I am no Martha with the knitting needles, but I can make scarfs and hats.  I have actually made quite a few scarves - probably 20 or so.  My mom picked out some yarn for me to knit her a scarf 3 years ago. Yes, THREE years ago.  I started it, but then life just got in the way and I hadn't knitted in years.  I decided to pick it up right after Christmas and I finished it for her last week.  For those of you wanting a quick, easy craft (that's wearable - a plus in my book!), knitting scarves is super easy!!  The hard parts are casting on and off, but the repetitive act of knitting is super easy.  I'm happy to help or lend anyone my needles if you want to give it a shot!

My parents were also taking down their Christmas tree (sniffle), so we had one last chance at running the train.  My dad got this train when he was it is almost 65 years old.  I love to hear about my dad and uncle talk about trains - that is definitely from a by-gone era.  I love trains and think they are so nostalgic...

After peering in awe at the train from a safe distance, Emma plopped herself down in my dad's lap.

We then walked to the park, where Emma had a absolute blast on the slide.....

She also loved the swing...

 I had to run to the grocery store to get beer and milk for our pizza birthday dinner while at my parents....I don't shop at Harris Teeter much because Food Lion is cheaper and closer to my house.  I will, however, be going back for this wine was delicious, and I just love the Robertson family.  And Missy is coming out with her own clothing line - can I get a woot woot?!?!

 One reason for my crankiness/stress is my God-awful commute to work.  Everyday in the winter, this is what I battle.  What idiot planned a road to road east/west, directly into the sun?!  It is so bad some mornings - it causes wrecks, and adds about 30 minutes EXTRA to my commute.  I try and plan for it, but if I leave for work any earlier, I miss seeing Emma in the morning..I just put my foot down right there..not happening.

Emma loves to help in the kitchen...she was super cute last night helping us make pasta.

Emma also had her first encounter with Brooklyn...I'm hoping Emma didn't make her cry here.  I have loved having these sweet friends next door to us.  God has really blessed us with great neighbors - 2 families before that have moved but still our dear, dear friends that we love...and now, the Winslow's.  We are grateful!

My bestest friend, Cornelia, is coming into town for 2 weeks from NYC with her husband Chris and I am beyond excited to see her!!!!!  I have several dinner plans in the next few weeks and a trip to the mountains with my sweetie - my FIRST trip away from Emma.  Life is good:)