Friday, June 30, 2017

7 months!

Merritt is 7 months old today! 

We often call her Mer-Mer, Da Mer Mer, Fragiles (prounounced fra-geelz, as in when she's moody, she is fra-geely), Poops, Toot Toot, and Baby M. 

She sits up on her own great - rarely falls over!  She is not crawling yet, and doesn't show many signs of it.  We are squealing, but no pronounced sounds yet. 

Merritt takes 2 naps in her crib a day (at least one good one, and we try for a second).  She goes down about 8-9pm and gets up once around 3am (sometimes we skip that and let mom sleep all night!).  But she's only up for about 35 minutes (eating), then down again until 7ish or after. 

Everything goes in her mouth:)  She loves to play with her sister's magnatiles, little people blocks, and whatever is around her.  She loves all baby food and rice cereal, and we are working on a sippy ups with water.  She has the chunkiest legs and she is so squishy!  I love to snuggle and pinch her rolls!

Merritt is a very happy baby.  I hate to toot my own horn, but the girl loves her mama.  She literally squeals with delight when she sees me and if I walk out of the room without acknowledging her, she gets upset.  She does do fine at stay and play at the gym, however (phew!).  Merritt also loves Sunny...she loves any animals actually. 

I cannot believe how far we've come - those first few months were precious, but newborn life is challenging.  I am loving all the new stages of her growing, and we are just so smitten with this smile:)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Currently loving.....

Some things I'm loving right now.....

Hillshire snacking plates

Oh my word, I literally have 3-4 a week for lunch.  They are cheap ($3-4), easily transportable, and sooo good.  The Genoa salami and Gouda cheese one is my fave.  I have found them at Walmart, Target, Harris Teeter, and Food Lion....but they are cheapest at Walmart.

Athleta Offshore bathing suit

My mom bought me this suit and I LOVE it.  I have received a ton of compliments when I wear it.  Its reversible too.  For some reason, the high neck seems to balance my hips out...which I like.  And since my boobs are 2 different sizes (you laugh...but it's not funny), this camouflages that.

Shell necklaces

I have been trying to use any spare minute I can to crank out some pieces.  I went through a lot of my beading supplies and had a ton of shells leftover from 2 years ago.  I used to make a lot of shell pieces, then I sort of stopped.  I emailed Nofo and asked if they wanted any, and she said they'd be great for summer. (Lee, the buyer, has a great eye and knows what will sell or not)  So I got to work.  I must admit, I like them more than I thought and am secretly keeping some for myself:)

Underwood rose can wine
I ca only find this at Whole Foods so far, and it's $7 a can....but really nice for the pool.  I do recommend sharing a can if day-drinking.  I found myself a bit loopy after 3/4 one day at the pool (mom-fail).  The rose is my fave, but I've also tried the bubbles...also good.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Life lately

One of my goals when Emma got out of preschool for the summer was to get Merritt on a better schedule.  For the most part, she was falling asleep in the car on the way to and from school or errands, which was great, until I realized I was never having any time to get anything done, unless you count driving around as "getting something done."  This past week, I've worked really hard on getting her to nap in her crib, which should also help with bedtime.  I am happy to report that, so far it's going really well!!  She has slept in her crib all by two mornings for over an hour.  And one of those days, she took her long nap in the afternoon in her crib, and the other was just a fluke I guess:)  She's also waking up after I nurse her when I place her in the crib and putting herself to sleep - big woohoo!!  And she's done better at night also - 2 nights she slept until 6am!  We are also feeding her more real food - she gets 3 servings of baby food a day - the last one is mixed in with rice cereal made with formula.  And she is nursing around 5 times a day, and maybe once overnight. 
I have to say this has been a confidence and attitude booster for me.  I have been able to get things done, spend time with Emma, and just take a breather. 
Oh...and did I mention Brent has been out of town since Thursday????  Big shoutout to all the moms whose husbands travel regularly for work - yall rock.  I think the hardest part is the emotional exhaustion.  But so far, we have survived!

Cracker Barrel to send off Daddy!  I totally dominated some blueberry pancakes!

I sent Brent morning pics of the kids....the morning is the best time with them.  Everyone is in a good mood:)

I pool crashed again with a friend - I need to decide whether to join or not:)  I put Merritt in the stroller to take with me to the bathroom so I could pee, and poor thing zonked out on the 1 minute walk there.  Emma played hard for 4 hours straight in the pool. 

Merritt has the same disposition as Emma....pretty chill and laid back.  She rarely fusses and is very easy going.  I am one lucky mama, for sure.

I am enjoying seeing them together.  In the car, it's really funny because Merritt is way too nosey to fall asleep sometimes.  All she can do is strain to see what her sister is doing in the seat next to her.

My man, presenting at his conference.  I have no idea what he was talking about...but man, we are proud of him.  I just think he's the best dad, husband, and pharmacist around:)

We have 2 birthday parties this afternoon (one kid, one adult), and then daddy should be home later!  I hope everyone had a great weekend - and cheers for the less humid weather we are having today!!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Lake weekend!

Wow - Mondays are rough.....I write this after a really fun, renewing weekend.  And man, it always stings to come home to the grind of cleaning and unpacking, and housework afterwards.

First, I will document mine and Emma's first Chuck e Cheese trip on Thursday.  Happy birthday, Molly!

Brent had to work Saturday, so I was travelling solo with the girls to the lake for most of the weekend.  This doesn't bother me, but it does make me a bit nervous at night.  I packed us all up Friday morning so we could be there by noon.  It's a 2.5 hour drive and Merritt slept for 2/3 of it.  She didn't fuss though, so it went really well!

Emma perfected her smokey eye on the trip:)

Emma spent most of her time in the water when we got there, but it soon rained (a lot), and we headed back to the farmhouse where we were staying.  I have stayed here before - it's about 10 minutes away in Gates, and it's my absolute favorite place.  It's off a dirt road and in the middle of farm fields.  The house was built in the 1800's and has been restored and rented out for events and weekends. My dad was also staying there, but coming later that night, and Brent would join us after work on Saturday.

My view when I pulled up.

We stopped at Tarheel BBQ for dinner and brought it back.  And yes, I totally have my gun out.  There's no way I'm roaming around in the country by myself without it.  Oh...and some rose wine.  I try and keep it classy.

I snapped some photos for a friend who wanted to see it.  Here is the kitchen and dining.  There's a wrap around porch off this room that overlooks the fields.

This is the front porch and the most beautiful hydrangea.

Merritt just loved being there.  She sat here playing and taking it all in.

The house only has showers, so I took it old school and bathed in the farmhouse sink.

Emma was a great big sister while we were there.

Merritt slept awful the first night - she was up a lot and I heard her rustling in her pack n play a lot too.  There aren't any curtains so Emma woke us all up at 6:12 when it was very bright in our room.  I could have put Merritt in another bedroom but I didn't bring the monitor, and I sort of like having us all in one room. 
I rallied with some coffee (a lot of it) and we headed to the lake around 9.  Saturday was off and on showers and lightning.  The tournament went really slow too.  I did get to hang out with my dear friend, Bill.  You may remember an earlier post last year when he was in the hospital and very sick.  I just adore these photos of him and Merritt.  They make my heart so full. 

I took the girls back in the afternoon to get showered and rest.  We were heading back to the lake for the night jump - this is a cash prize event and super cool.

Man, Emma looks so grown and beautiful in these pics.  She loved being at the farmhouse....a country girl at heart:)

The storms were off and on again that night, but the kids sold raffle tickets to raise money for the tournament.  I could tell Emma was exhausted at this point.  She had been swimming ALL day...even in the rain when it wasn't lightning.

Look at the sky here - yes, it poured soon after and we left for home.  I missed the night jump, but the kids were exhausted and I was too.  Maybe one day soon I will get to resume an adult life again:\  Oh...and obviously Brent made it there about 5:30. 

Sunday was Father's Day, and my dad left early for the tournament.  But we did get some kid snuggles in with him!  Brent got to enjoy some porch time with his girls, and then he went for a run on the dirt road.  He's F-ing crazy because there's no way I'm walking around the country.  The mosquitoes alone might attack you and leave you for dead.  He admitted he got a little worried about bears, and then at one point a giant horsefly was chasing him for most of his run back.

Feeding Merritt some green beans with a field of beans as the backdrop:)

Sunday was a much nicer day, and Emma played in the water all day!  Here are most of the kids there this weekend.

I had a nice, quite ride home with just Merritt.  Emma rode with Brent - and actually both kids were asleep the whole ride:)  I was sad - I miss skiing terribly.  I didn't want to come home.  I know my life will slowly get back to normal one day, but I spent my whole life skiing in the summer and it's just different now.  I miss the people, my ski family.  They are so genuine, so loving.  I didn't have to worry all weekend about my kids because everyone else was.  I know these friends really love me, and have for over 25 years.  I don't have to guess or play games with them.  And I feel like I am myself when I am skiing, if that makes any sense.  I feel confident, but humble.  I feel simple, and content.  I feel gratitude, instead of the rat race of Durham-Chapel Hill.  I love the simple life at the lake, or in the fields:)  I'm grateful we can share that with the girls, and I'm already looking forward to our next trip there. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Life lately

So far, summer has bene great.  I've managed to keep both kids alive, all day, everyday.  I will probably still send Emma to camp once or twice because I think she misses it.  But for now, we are rolling along ok!

Brent was off all week last week.  We did a lot of projects, and some fun things as well.  I guess it was our staycation...

Brent and I went on a day date to Counting House for lunch - soooo good and such a cool place.

Wednesday, we took the boat to the lake and had such a great day.  The weather was gorgeous - no humidity and not too hot.

I had to take a picture of my Tomahawk Motel koozie.....

Merritt enjoyed being on the boat!

My make-do sun shade...

Look at the sky here...there was no rain, just lots of clouds rolling by.  Really cool...

Friday, my mo and I took Emma to get her first pedicure.  She has had manicures, but never a pedicure. 

I would say she handled it like a pro:)

She even got a smoothie!

And so what if it's 10am...mimosa time!

Meanwhile, Brent took Merritt to Lowe's....I'd say she had fun.

We went to Fridays on the Front Porch that night.

Saturday was Emma's birthday, then Sunday I took the girls to Lake Magnolia in Smithfield for a tournament.  I got crazy and decided to ski my first slalom set since 2015.  I skied last year while pregnant, but only trick skied.  I only took 3 passes and was wiped out.  But man, it was fun.

Merritt loved all the attention:)

She loved the water too.  I need a better float for her....this one is a bit advanced.

Emma spent the entire afternoon in the lake.  No complaints on her end!

Monday, my friend Laurie took us to her pool because we are thinking of joining.  Emma and Mooly play well together.  Emma could not stop talking about going all day.  She was so pumped.  You can tell this girl doesn't get to a pool often. (that makes me sound like a bad mom!)

Merritt enjoyed it too!!

Tuesday and Wednesday, I spent a lot of time getting new pieces together for Nofo.  I didn't take any pictures of the necklaces or bracelets, but did snap a photo of some of the earrings.  These are fun for summer, and I've been enjoying doing new styles. I've just ordered some new pieces for dangles and studs and can't wait to make them.

When I dropped off my goods at the store, I immediately spotted this adorable outfit.  First, this antler necklace was the last one of my pieces she had (the rest had all sold!).  Second, I need this off the shoulder  Third, I sooo wish I could pull off a hat.  I never quite feel right wearing one.  But man, sooo cute!!

We are headed to the lake again this weekend - hope everyone is having a great week!