Friday, December 19, 2014

Beaver Lake Christmas Party

I didn't get many great photos (I hate it when I do that...I think it must mean I was having too much fun!).....but we had the BEST time in Gates County this past weekend.  We are so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful group of love spending time together.

Brent...we missed you there but were glad you could spend some good time loving and caring for your father.  Next year.....:)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Miss Personality

In case you think that Emma is perfect.....

(she is.)

and that she doesn't have meltdowns.....

(she does.)

or act like a brat.......

(she can.)

or make me laugh on a daily basis...

(she will.)

We love this little girl to pieces...tears, smiles, screams, and sillies!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

First, thank you everyone for all your sweet emails, texts, calls, and prayers.  Brent's dad is doing much better and truly it is a miracle.  I honestly did not think we would be where we are today with his progress.  He is still in the CICU, but hopefully will be able to move to a Rehab facility soon.  He is awake, and can sit up.  He has some confusion at times, but they are hoping that goes away with time and progress.

Our weekends have been very busy, if for nothing else than travelling to Greenville.  I have opted to stay with Emma at home, since I really did not want to take her to the hospital (and actually it is not allowed for children under 12), and knew my support here would be more needed.  SO, we have used our weekday time trying to live life and enjoy the holidays.

I love decorating for Christmas, and this year I finally feel like I have a hold on where I want things to go.  Every year, it seems we kind of pull all the bins out and just kind of throw it anywhere it will fit.  All the while wondering where it all went last year - does anyone else feel like this?

I have friends that take pictures of their decor (smart idea), and I recently am in love with some new house blogs and all the Holiday boards on Pinterest.  I just wish we could extend this time of year into February....who's with me????

Now, don't laugh...but here is our home this Christmas...

The ornaments we added this year were a letter for each member of our family...I bought wooden letters at Michael's, then spray painted them red or silver, and added a ribbon.

This is my favorite...I  did nothing to it, just added the large plaid ribbon.  The natural wood looks so pretty in the tree.

I also am obsessed with greenery - real and faux.  I cut these berries off of a plant near our house.  I shamelessly waited until no one was looking..even though it was technically not on anyone's property...I don't think.  I then used clippings from our tree and some other greenery that I bought in a bundle at.....(drumroll please) WALMART.  Yes, you heard me right.  $4 for a bundle of assorted, real greenery.  I considered it a really good shopping trip.

On our dining room table, most of the greens are faux (from A.C. Moore), with real holly berries mixed in.  I have to be careful though, because apparently holly berries are somewhat poisonous to animals. 

I love our crab pot Christmas tree.  I also added some pinecones and fake pears to a glass jar. 

After months, we have finally hung our frames on the wall.  We took everything down when we painted the trim and walls, and have yet to hang anything back up.  They've been sitting in a pile in the corner waiting patiently for their new homes.

My parents gave me these Pottery Barn plates for my birthday, and I LOVE them.  I will probably never use them for eating, because I love them so much:)  Better picture below.

I actually wasn't going to put up my nativity this year, because honestly I didn't have room for it.  Then I had the bright idea to move the cable box and DVR off the top of the hutch to the floor (where it was not in sight, but still usable), and put it here.  The picture is awful, but I like how it looks.  Does anyone know what movie I am watching here????  (The Holiday is one of my favorites!!!  I could soooo move to England...)

I finally got around to reading my pins on how to decorate shelves...and rearranged the bookcases Brent made the other night.  It's not worthy of a magazine, but I love it:)

And here is our mantel.  It's cluttered and whimsical, and I have a tree fetish...but it's so cozy:)  Most of the felt trees and the knitted garland are from Garnet Hill.

Our beautiful home:) 

I of course couldn't leave out the tree...straight from the mountains of Virginia...and Emma is finally old enough to enjoy it and all the ornaments!

Putting the first ornament of 2014 on the tree....

My heart melts looking at this...I have such a sweet family:)

Putting the star on top:)

We probably won't get around to a Christmas card this year.  I jokingly told a friend that she may get a Happy MLK day card if we actually tried this year...that's how behind I am.  Next year, I vow to take a picture in early fall and order cards before November.  I so love getting other people's cards, so I hate not to send one.  But if we are going by tradition, we did not send out one Emma's first maybe the every other year thing works best for us!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Letting Go

The last 5 days have been very difficult for our family.  Brent's father is very, very sick.  He is still in the Cardiac ICU at Greenville, and will remain there for quite some time.....

In the midst of pain, worry, anxiety, anger, and the physical toll that sickness and death bring to a family, I have learned a great lesson.  

To let it go.  

Let go of the worry, 
let go of the inconvenience, 
let go of the meaningless details.  

Let go of the past.

Let go of what you cannot control.

And love. 
Love others.  
Love selflessly....

Love unconditionally, just as He loves us.

And remember that God's plan is perfect, and He doesn't owe anyone an explanation for it.

Just trust Him.

Brent and I have been overwhelmed with the amount of support everyone has offered.  From texts, emails, calls, and visits.  We cannot thank everyone enough, and it has meant the world to Brent. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Super long catch-up post...

I have been a horrible blogger lately...and I know all of you are really frustrated with me (all 5 of you, right?!)....'s what the last part of November had in store for us....we are loving every minute of Fall, Winter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!!!!

Emma is loving reading bedtime stories on mommy and daddy's bed.  It's her favorite place to lay with us..and I can't complain!

One really, really cold day, I decided to take Emma out to Jordan Lake to run around.  There's also a playground out there, and I knew no one would be there.  It was cold, but really fun.

We celebrated my dad one night at Tyler's Taproom.  Emma just adores him, and I have to say....she has good judgement:)

We went back to visit Brent's family the weekend before Thanksgiving, and had a blast seeing the Jones'.  The boys took the boat to grab us some lunch, while we just hung out at the house.  Emma had THE best time playing with Livi. And it was so good to catch up with Lilly:)  I miss yall already!!

Brent and I always try and take a photo down by the river in Bath, where his sister lives.  It is so calm and peaceful there.

While Emma was at school one day, I decided to get a head start on her Christmas tree.  She has loved turning it on in the mornings, starring at it, and yelling at the cats when they try and eat it.

Emma brought home this gem the day before Thanksgiving.  Call me crazy, but I keep every single piece of artwork she brings home.  I might have a problem....

We spent Thanksgiving day at my parents and had a low-key, relaxing day.  Brent and I bring the wine and appetizer every year.  This year, we did oysters on the half shell...and it was delicious!!

My dad taught Emma a tradition that every daddy does with his daughter...dancing on shoes:)

Saturday was my birthday, and for the 2nd year in a row, Brent has had to work:(  My parents took me to the Weathervane for breakfast before I headed to the UNC game with Emma.

Brent found me BlueZone tickets for the game, so that I could hang out with my friends (and not alone at home being a solo mom!)

Emma had a great time tailgating with Rowan and Colby:)

I felt really blessed to be able to spend the day with friends, and for Emma to hang out too.

I am so thankful for these sweet friends:)

I was pooped after the game.  Being a solo-parent at the game is exhausting!!  All I wanted to do for my birthday dinner was get in my pj's, drink wine, and order a that's what we did.  Don't get jealous...I'm so exciting, right?!?

Sunday afternoon, we took Emma to a friend's 30th birthday party, and noticed she was acting super cranky...only to find that she was running a 102 temp.  She was pitiful on the way home, but as soon as the meds kicked in...wide open (why doesn't it work like this for adults?!?!)

 A trip to the doctor revealed nothing to note...probably just a cold and she has been fine since.  But I did have to take her to work Tuesday...which was fun and challenging!!  Of course, all my students loved her, and Emma was not shy at all.  I am thankful that she had such a good time, and thankful for my wonderful students who played with her so I could work.

It has been a busy few weeks, and I'm looking forward to celebrating Christmas in the coming weeks:)