Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow, snow, and MORE snow.....

I won't complain yet, but we have had three snow storms in the last 2 weeks.  Don't laugh...I know they weren't really "storms" but it was snow to us southerners.

I really enjoy snow and the cold, but the change in regular schedules is really starting to throw Emma and I off our routine.  Not to mention that Brent never gets a snow he's not home to enjoy it with us much:(

Tuesday's snow caught everyone off guard.  They weren't really calling for it and we woke up that morning to a white covered ground. Daycare and work were both cancelled.  Brent went in a little later and came home a bit early, so that was a blessing.  But for the most part, it was just Emma and I.

I thought I would sake things up and get my old toys down from the attic. 

I found doll clothes handmade by my grandmother, Barbies, and vintage stuffed animals.  Emma loved them and has had a blast playing with them.

We actually did not go outside to play in the snow at all that day.  I guess it just seemed like a lot of trouble to get all dressed for not a whole lot of snow.  We did take pictures though...

I also made Brent take us to Target for a few items and entertainment when he got home.  Emma went in totally mismatched pajamas and was running around the store like she owned the place.

Wednesday we had a delay and things were really melting. But they were really calling for a big storm that night into Thursday.  I thought I might try and grab a few extra things at Target on the way home from work.......

Which was a huge mistake!  I walked right out the door as soon as I saw these lines!

That night, we got about 6 inches of really wet snow.  It was beautiful but tree limbs were snapping and a lot of people lost power.  We were really fortunate to have no real damage (except for some Leland cypress trees in the backyard that I LOVE) and have heat and electricity.
I had stopped at Whole Foods Wednesday morning on my way into work and bought some fresh banana nut bread and fruit.  I made eggs for breakfast to go with it.  I was determined to at least have a healthy breakfast to start out day.  All this snow has made me want to just sit around and eat carbs all day...right???

We had a giant 30 foot limb come within inches of hitting both cars...

We went for a short walk with the Winslow's to check out the snow!

Then posed for some pictures to send dad...

How cute is her smile here?!?!

Thankfully, my parents came over after lunch to hang out and we went on a longer walk with Emma. The snow was really too slushy to sled anymore,  but it was nice to be outside. Cabin fever has really set in for me and I'm dying to get out!
We made a snowman...and after perusing the neighborhood snowmans, I must say this one is lame.  I will have to work on my snowman building for future snows.
Brent got home and we decided to just rest inside.  It was really wet and slushy out by this point, Emma was fine to just chill on the couch before dinner.
We finished our night with some homemade hot chocolate (the kind that comes from milk and cocoa powder and sugar...not some packet).  We drank it together by the fire:)



 And as soon as we put Emma to bed, I saw this.....
Work was closed for Friday but I had already resolved to take Emma to school for a little while for some regular routine (and honestly, I just need a little break!)  But I guess it's not happening!  We will manage:)
I think the hard part about snow days is that life stops (sort of)....which is great for a while, and then it gets really old.  And you just long to get back to normalcy.  It'd be great if we could have snow and enjoy it, but also still be able to work and not have everything outside the home cancelled.  I guess for now I'll just take what I can get...I hear it's supposed to be almost 70 next week.  And while I like being outside in warm weather, I'm not ready to skip spring completely!

Monday, February 23, 2015

SNOW week!

I love winter and wish it would snow more often here.  Because we live in the south, we rarely get what I would consider a REAL, when it does do anything remotely close to frozen precip, I get really excited!!

Brent did have to go in all week, but had shortened hours (went in later and came home early).  It was really nice to have him home for some of our outings, and enjoy some good, warm, cuddly time together as a family!

I picked up Emma early from daycare on Monday.  It wasn't supposed to start until the evening, but everything basically shut down at 3pm in time for people to get home.  Emma was super excited!!!

We snuggled on the couch, waiting for the first snow flakes to fall!!

Dad shut the store down early and got home to make us a fire!

We went outside to check out the snow!  Emma is finally at an age where she can really enjoy it, so I was really excited!

Neighbors and great friends!  Daddy-daughter snow pic!

If we were inside, we spent much of our time snuggled on the couch watching Olivia.  Emma had a bad cold too, so I didn't want her to overdo it on activity.

The next day was a frozen wonderland (sort of).  Brittni and I (being husbandless) took the girls out for a walk on the sled.  Emma loved pulling Brooklyn along.

We had a blast playing at Brooklyn's after being outside.

Brent got home early and we immediately went for a walk and did some sledding down out street.

Wednesday, we got another dusting of snow, and this time, it really came down.  It was absolutely beautiful.

Wednesday night, Emma developed a really bad, loud cough that kept us all up that night.  She had this before around Christmas, so I was sure it was just cold.  But she was running a fever, and some other kids around us had had croup, so I decided to take the day keep her out of school, and go to the doctor.

I let her stay in her jammies all is by far her number 1 request.  Every morning she gets up, the first thing she says is "you got your jammies on?"  She hates getting dressed and would live in jammies if she could.  

I, however, got dressed for the day. I also let Emma have some makeup while getting ready.  She loves for me to put make up on her face:)

We went to Target first, and I let her pick out a doctor kit for her doll.  I thought this would make going easier, since she really never has to go.  Plus, she'd been super good all week and the poor thing didn't feel well.

She loved it!  And even tried it out on that cats!

The doctor went fine too, and they said she might have croup but they didn't want to put her on steroids.  (Not sure that rationale, but whatevs).  Miraculously, her cough went away after the appointment, and she's been slowly battling her way out of the cold since.

It was a completely weird, but fiu week.  I hardly worked, Emma went to daycare for a total of 5 hours all week, and Brent was home with us a lot:)  We made a lot of fires, cooked some hot, comfort meals, and did a lot of snuggling.  Some people hate cold weather and snow....I say...bring it on!