Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend recap

(I thought I had published this from my phone yesterday...but realized it never went through!) 

Emma had a big weekend - filled with her first manicure and cookie decorating. I am soaking up all the Christmas and family time I can this break!

I went to Emma's holiday party at school Friday. It's always so fun to see her with her friends and see what her life is like when I'm not with her. 

Saturday, Emma and I got manicures while Brent went and watched the UNC game at a bar:) It was a win-win! 

I was unsure if Emma was really old enough for this. But she did really good, up until she had to wait for them to dry and the lady had left (therefore not having anybody to entertain her) I chose red (duh) and let Emma have a sparkly light pink.  I had a glass of wine, Emma enjoyed a juice box. It wasn't as relaxing as my normal mani-pedis but it was so neat to watch her get excited and into it. 

It was not expensive, and I think we will make it a special occasion event going forward.  Emma had the best time showing everyone her nails that night :)

We went to my parents to make cookies and I fought my inner type A and let Emma have complete control over the decorating. She loves sugar sprinkles and chocolate...the more the better! 

And no weekend of Christmas fun is complete without eating cookies for breakfast!!

Merry, merry everybody!!!

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