Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas festivities!

I am trying so hard to really enjoy this season, because I know come December 26, we will all be depressed and missing this.  I really wish this time of year lasted longer:)  Here's a peek looking back at the fun things we have done this past week!

Emma has been into her baby lately!  She brings her everywhere and makes sure she is covered, in her car seat, and has her bottle.  So far, I think she's a better mom than I am!

We finally got the tree decorated.  Man - it is touch to get it done if you want all family members involved!  Emma and I got a head start unwrapping the ornaments while we waited for dad to get home from work.

I still need to post a good picture of just THE tree, but this will do for now.

Thursday night, we went to the Museum of Life and Science to ride the Santa Train.  It was a perfect night - not too cold, but not hot (I HATE this warm weather we are having now by the way).  Emma skated at the fake rink:)

The got her face painted - she chose an angel and moved a few it's not a perfect angel:)

Then we made reindeer food...

And finally, it was a our turn to ride the train!  Emma was really good and sweet to Santa.  We have convinced her to stop asking for an "American doll" (she means American Girl doll...but it sounds racist, right?!?!) and ask for a Princess castle...because that's what Santa has already planned on, if you know what I mean:)

Friday, I spent the whole morning doing etsy orders.  I had 6 to fulfill and I was worn out.  I get 1-2 a month, and then all of a sudden they all came in on 2 days earlier in the week. I was so happy to make them, it's just a bit hard with a toddler in the house!

I did make these new pieces...they are made out of silk Sari ribbon.  I have already ordered more colors of ribbon:)

And I love my new black seaglass I found!  I made this for a customer, but will be making one for myself also!

We had to run some errands, and Emma was a typical threenager..

 While we were out, I picked up a plaid bow to make Brent's "castle" (shop) more festive.  Emma helped.

Saturday morning, we headed to the Chapel Hill parade.  I don't think I had been since I was IN the parade back in middle school.  It was great, and I know it will be something we do every year now.  Emma wasn't into taking pictures when we got there.  But she quickly became a fan after she realized people threw candy at you the whole time!

There were some really cool floats - this one Boy Scout troop did an exceptional job on all theirs!

That night, we had our Lake Christmas Party in Gates County.  I was super cool and made these fruit and vege apps to bring.  

I am VERY proud of my Pinterest skillzzzzzz...

Emma had the best time playing with these girls:)

All the Beaver Lake girls - a fantastic group of friends I am lucky to have!!

It was so nice, we ate dinner outside!

Sunday, we were pooped (we got home at 1am from our party!)  I went to a coffee shop to do my Christmas cards, and I came home to find the rest of my family playing outside:)

This is a slow week at work, and I am looking forward to wrapping gifts, making cookies, and relaxing with family!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful last week before Christmas!!  

Hopefully that reminder doesn't stress anyone out:)

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