Tuesday, December 22, 2015

NOT a Charlie Brown tree...

(Again...something must have for wrong with my blogger app on my phone because I wrote this last week and thought it was published...my apologies if it's a duplicate post!!)

I have already said that I'm super proud of my tree selection this year. The Nordmann fir does not disappoint. 
For starters, I haven't vacuumed a single needle since we put lights on this baby. Go ahead be jealous:) 
And second, it's so full and the needles are so big!! I should be getting some sort of commission from the tree gods for singing so many praises about this tree specimen ...but I swear, so far this will be the tree we buy every year. 

It's a iPhone pic...so don't get too excited. And notice...a certain furry creature loves to sleep under it:) 

We use a tin bucket we bought at a hardware store as a tree skirt. But it also serves to protect our carpet from any leaks or spills. I just got tired of vacuuming needles around a tree skirt...and truthfully, tree skirts are not made for life with kids or pets :) 

Below are some pictures of my favorite ornaments...mostly made by me or Emma. I just love thinking back at all the memories each ornament brings. 

Emma's very first Christmas....

Brent and Emma made this for me for her  second Christmas...

I made this out of cedar in elementary school...it reminds me of days spent outside with my dad while he worked in his shop:)

I don't know who made this...but it's absolutely beautiful. Probably my mom or grandmother. 

I love these laser cut ski ornaments. I have 2 and they are such a great reminder of all my many, many years spent on the water. 

I am working one more day this week then off for 2 weeks!! I am planning on doing crafts with Emma and sitting on the couch gazing at this beautiful tree. And if you're wondering...this thang ain't coming down until January!!!!

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