Friday, December 18, 2015


Just some snippets of random life this week...the LAST week before Christmas:(  Why, oh why, does it have to come and go so quickly?!?!?

Emma loves her accessories...and has perfected the skinny arm pose..something I fail to do every picture.

She also LOVES Sam Hunt..and who doesn't, really?  She belts out "Break Up in a Small Town" like it's her business.  Car rides are much more fun with Sam:)

I had wrapped some gifts this week (woohoo!!) and Emma found these empty paper rolls and started running around the house with robot arms.  I have NO idea where she got this from, but it was hilarious.

Brent scored last minute tickets to the UNC game...we had fun as usual, and left Emma at home with my mom (Thanks, Mom!)

Thursday, we had a lunch date with dad, but it was not until 2pm (WHO eats lunch that late?!?) Anywho, we stopped at Dulce cafe on the way for a muffin.

And they had the cutest gingerbread house display

I picked up some last minute gifts from a small store next in Sutton Station and saw these napkins.  I NEED these in my life...I am a total germ-a-phobe.  I won't let Emma play in the mall play area because I am so paranoid. 

Ms. Virginia, at Brent's store, gave Emma a dress up set and she was in heaven.  She put it on and wore it the whole rest of  the day.  I'm pretty sure all of Five Points could feel her beaming smile here:)

She even had a purse and earrings:)

When we got home, I let Emma play with some salt dough ornaments we had made in February.  We were picking ones out to put on gifts for friends and family as ornaments.  Next thing I knew, she had written an "E" on the back of them, because she had seen me write her name and the year.  Talk about a proud mom moment!!!  I know I will look at this tiny "E" in about 10 years and bawl my eyes out.

That's all for today's is my last day of work, then it's full on Christmas mode for us!!  I hope everyone has a wonderful, restful last week before Christmas!

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