Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas week - days 1 & 2

Monday was our first day of vacation, and I will was a long, rough day. I don't want to dwell on it, but let's just say I spent 20 minutes in the parking lot of Food Lion trying to convince Emma to sit in her car seat so we could go home with our groceries. And I also seriously considered asking strangers to scare her into listening to me. And I may have threatened her life once or twice.  Oh, and it took us 45 minutes of screaming to get dressed in the morning. Emma can be very sweet but she is also very, very strong willed and I have yet to find the magic thing that gets her attention in obedience. 

Anywho...we started the day at our neighbors, playing with some friends. To her credit, Emma did a very good job of sharing and being nice while playing. I'm convinced she puts on an act in front of others....

We then went to the Carolina Inn to look at the gingerbread house display. I originally had planned for us to have a girls lunch there, but decided to cancel it that morning. (And I'm glad I did with the rate of disobedience we were having!)

I will say that I was disappointed with the display this year. The man said they didn't get as many this year, and he was right. Emma enjoyed looking at the 4 houses and walking the halls, while I checked out the renovations in the Inn.

Tuesday, I had made reservations to eat breakfast with Santa at the Weathervane.  We eat there a lot with my parents, so I knew it would be a fun time. I was a little worried with the way the previous day had gone, so I turned up my mom skills and tried to make sure the morning went smoothly. 

As soon as we got there, the hostess showed us to our seat, and we passed Santa.  Emma jumped right in there and ran up to him and gave him a hug. I apologized to the other people waiting (whoops). But I guess I could be battling her freaking out every time she sees him, so I'll take her recent fondness of the big guy. 

They had a yummy buffet set up, so we got our food and while we were eating, Mrs. Claus came over. 

Then they gathered all the children around on the floor and told stories, sang songs, and read The Night Before Christmas. It was really cool!

When they were done, they said the children could give Santa a big hug..,so of course Emma shoved her way up there for one. 

And then, on our way out she wanted to give him a goodbye hug. 

So I'm not sure whether I am creeped out by her love of Santa or not. I've never seen her be that into a "stranger" and really forceful about it too!  She managed three good hugs with Santa in an hour...I'd say we got our money's worth:)

We have one more day before Christmas Eve, we are ready for dad to be off work!!

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