Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#30daysofthanks - Week 4

Well - I am officially done with my #30daysofthanks.  I will admit, it was harder to document thanksgiving praises with pictures...I am much better with words:)  I also think people might have gotten sick of me.  I know I was getting a little sick of being thankful - I know that sounds AWFUL:)  I just got to the point where I wanted to read about something else - anything else - give me sin and suffering, just stop cramming thankfulness down my throat!!  Every devotion I read was about thanks - but I know that God was teaching me an important lesson.  I'm just human and have to complain about something, sometimes, right?????

It is easy to be thankful in private, but much harder in public - it makes you vulnerable.  It makes you subject to judgment from others, and might even make you seem a bit pious.  I hope I never came across that way, always humble.  Because I do have a lot to be thankful for, but I also have a lot of wrinkles and scars too.  I am the first to admit that I do not choose joy everyday like I want to, and I do not walk out my faith like I was created to.

Day 23: Girl's night dinner!! Thankful for these sweet friends

Day 24:Thankful for all the wonderful people who care for Emma while I work...and these awesome daily pictures!!

Day 25: Thanksgiving lunch with my Emma

Day 26: Shoutout to all the families that can manage a good picture today🙄 Thankful for selfies (and of course my family, friends, health, and God's amazing love😍) 

Day 27: My ❤️ is full on this beautiful day 

Day 28: Thankful for 35 years and a wonderful guy to share it with 

Day 30: My last#30daysofthanks post!!! I admit it's much easier to write thanksgiving than to document it in pictures. Thank goodness I have such good models!

Day 29: I didn't take a single picture all day. So I walked out to snap this photo. I'm beyond grateful for my "home" and by that I don't mean this "place", but the people - family and friends- that make my life full. And...... I'm incredibly excited that Christmas has officially begun


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