Monday, December 7, 2015


This past Friday, some friends invited us to the NC Museum of Life and Science.  I am super embarrassed to admit that I have not been there yet with Emma:)  I was going to workout, but had been battling some weird chest pains (more on that later) and decided to lay low and skip exertion!

We had an absolute blast, and will be going again soon (at least again this week for our Santa Train trip!).

Here is my THREENAGER....gettin sassy on the phone!

The treehouse was by far the coolest part - I was really excited to finally see it in person because there had been a lot of hype with this thing!

There is also a tiny treehouse for younger kids...Emma had just as much fun on that one as the large one.

These are all really boring pictures of Emma on the treehouse, but I wanted to document it all for Brent, and it's cool to see how much courage she has now compared to the past.

Emma did so good playing, and was a really sweet helper with our friends - whose kids were all younger than her.  Sometimes she can be a bit bossy, so I was glad she was sweet to them:)
I really enjoyed taking her there, and was wishing I had more days off to do these kinds of things.  Why, oh why, is time flying by???!!

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