Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas week - Part 2

I am a bit behind on posts, so this one may be a little long.  Fortunately, for yall, I did not take a ton of pictures Christmas Eve and Day.
It has literally been raining non-stop here.  I think we had one 24 hour period without rain, but otherwise, RAIN.  And I am SOOOOO over it.  It's also been hot, like so hot that I want to be sick.  My version of hell is a hot Christmas, and I got it this month.
So, we've resorted to Pinterest for crafts inside.  Emma and I made these paper plate people and they've been cheering me up in the dining room all week:)



This is the was so bad Wednesday that it was flooding our neighborhood, which rarely happens.

After working out, I decided I would take Emma to the new movie theater at University Mall to see the Chipmunks.  University Mall is a go-to for us, because I feel like Emma can run around and not bother anyone, or break anything.  Plus, she's always up for some goodies in Southern Season, or playing in Glee Kids.
Emma was allowed to take one animal inside.  She has a bad habit of wanting to pack her entire life into the car with us for a 10 minute trip down the road:)
The New theater did not disappoint....these are the seats!

 I took a selfie and sent it to Brent..who gets to live vicariously through us when he's working!
Emma had gummy bears,,,,I had Prosecco:)

She did REALLY well throughout the whole move...danced around, cuddled with me in my seat a few times, and laid there relaxed.


When we came out of the theater, it had stopped raining, so we went home to get dinner ready.  After eating, we all piled in the car to go look at lights.  I love doing this....I could drive around backroads or neighborhoods for a living.
This particular house in Parkwood never disappoints!


Christmas Eve, Brent was finally off work, so we could enjoy being together as a family.  We went to Target and the grocery store for last minute shopping. 
We also made a gingerbread house!
Church was at 5:30pm, and it was not a fun time. Emma acted like she had never been in a church before, and was so unruly.  None of us could pay attention to the service at all.  I think she may have been feeling bad, since we are all fighting colds...but still...
We all got dressed up and fancy, and this is the only picture I took....a selfie, in church.

That night, we made cookies for Santa, and Emma kept going over to the fireplace to see if Santa was coming down the chimney.


After she went to bed, we set out Santa's loot, and wrapped a few more gifts.  We didn't have anything to put together this year, so we were able to relax!


I didn't feel good all night, but rallied Christmas morning!  It was so fun seeing Emma get so excited about each new thing.  It took us about 2 hours to unwrap everything only because she would open something, then play with it for 15 minutes, not wanting anything to do with other gifts!
I snapped a shot of some new books I had asked for...I have already started 2 of them and LOVE them!  Every year I say this, but I am really trying to read more:)

Later that afternoon, we drove to Washington to have Christmas with Brent's family.  It had not rained that much down there, so we were able to play outside some the next morning.  These are the only pictures I took the whole time there.  Love my little country girl:)



Saturday afternoon, we drove back home to celebrate with my parents.  It was a wonderful night, and I did not take one single photo (I like to think it was because I was too busy being "present"!)
Emma got my old L.L. Bean bears and all their clothes and camping gear.  She has not let them out of her sight since.  I had to take all 3 bears with us into Target the other day.  I had no room for my groceries.

Brooklyn came over one afternoon for some playing and Grinch watching.  These 2 are playing so well together lately, despite their age difference:)


It was a wonderful Christmas, and I really enjoyed spending so much time with Emma and family.  The week after always seems to depressing for many people, but I am learning to find it more refreshing and peaceful than anything.  I feel like I can finally relax, now that gifts and parties and obligations are over.  I am still enjoying the coziness of our tree and decorations in the home.  I am off work until next week, so I can spend quality time with Emma and Brent.
(Ohhh..and on a sidenote, my pleurisy came back, or never went away after early I am on a new round of meds and hoping to feel better soon.  I am sure Brent and others are sick of me worrying about strange ailments that cause chest pain...DON'T Google that one!  I am super bummed because I can't workout and I am not sleeping well because of the pain with breathing.  The doctor said it can take up to 3 months to heal...I proceeded to slap her...kidding!  But seriously, pray for me!)

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  1. Ugh! Hope you feel better soon!!! I'll be thinking of you!