Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday faves!

I have been meaning to do a Friday Faves post for forgive me for going overboard and posting WAY tooooo many food items.  It's getting colder, and I just can't help but crave comfort foods:)

I'll start with some healthier options...

Trader Joe's Soycutash: This stuff is amazing - it is my go-to vege side for dinner.  Emma eats it (hooray), and so does Brent.  It's in the frozen aisle, so I can always buy a lot and keep it handy whenever I need it.

Trader Joe's Butternut Squash: I hope they still have this now that is not officially "Fall."  I roast this in the oven with a tiny bit of olive olive and salt and pepper sprinkled over it.  It is delicious!

And now, we move to my addiction to gluten and carbs (stop judging me!)

Simply Homemade bread: I discovered this last year and love making it in the winter.  It really does taste like homemade bread, and it is sooooo easy.  All you need is water and an oven.  My favorite is the country white (probably because it is the least healthy). It's in the brownie, muffin mix aisle in most grocery stores.

Cocobon red wine: The best way to enjoy cheaper wine is to buy 2 buck chuck for a few months, then switch back to a more reasonably priced bottle of $7.  I swear, your $7 bottle will taste like a  $20 bottle!  This one is sold at Trader Joe's and Food Lion, and is only $7.  It is really smooth, and not spicy or sweet. 

Brie appetizer with crescent rolls and apricot preserves: I got this recipe off Pinterest, and have been making it once a week....again, I may have a carb problem.  It is super easy, super tasty, and just warms the soul.  I try and make a salad to go with it (because that naturally makes it a balanced meal, right?)

I'll throw in a fashion fave just so you don't think I am completely obsessed with unhealthy food choices....

Oka b flats: I've had mine for awhile and sort of forgot about them....Until it rained all fall for like 3 weeks straight and I got really sick of my Hunter boots.  These are very comfortable - way more comfortable than any flat Tory Burch has ever made (*sorry TB, but your flats give me warped feet).  And....they are waterproof!!  They come in a million colors and styles with the cutest embellishments...and are all under $50 a pair.  What????  

Sister Schubert rolls: I saved the best for last....they should rename these crack rolls because they are seriously addicting.  I think I may need a support group.  All you do is pop however many you wish (2-3 if it's just me, because that's how I roll...) in the oven, and wait 8 minutes.  Someone please stage an intervention.....

I hope everyone has an awesome Friday!!!!!

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