Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I have been going to Virginia to get my Christmas tree for the last 20 years...at least.  We go up to a friend's cabin (which he built), and have the best time.  Emma went 2 years ago, and last year only my dad could go because Brent's dad was in the hospital.  This year, Brent unfortunately had to work, so it was just me, Emma, and my parents (but still an awesome time!).

We took a selfie after getting donuts on the way to get my parents!
(I'm really loving the Maple Frosted donut at Dunkin right now!)

I just love how Emma thinks she is sooo cool drinking juice out of her coffee cup:)

She's a country girl, through and through - insisting on wearing her cowboy boots everywhere, loving country music, and now....wearing my dad's hat.

At the cabin - it was a gorgeous day!

The stream that runs through the property is beautiful.

We always drive up the mountain to Floyd, VA.  And when I saw "up the mountain," I mean 4WD on a dirt road wide enough for one car only and a 40 foot cliff on one side.  It's not for the faint of heart...so I try and drive because I feel more in control then:)  We eat lunch in Floyd, then go to the Hardware store, and then get our tree.  It's what we do...every year, and we love it!

This hardware store is a true gem - stuff everywhere....and a wood burning stove in the middle.  It has the best knick knacks and you truly feel like you've been transported back in time.

We found a new store - The Floyd Country Store - with all kinds of goodies and live music.

We have been a few times to cut down our own tree, but this year, the selection was really bad - either too tall or too small or too many imperfections in the tree.  Even though we didn't get our tree her, Emma had a blast following my dad around the mountain as he searched.  I felt a little like Audrey in Christmas Vacation...trudging behind with my eyelids frozen shut...

I tried desperately to get some good pictures with Emma, but she was sooo silly.

After leaving the cut your own tree place, we went back to our staple - Slaughter's.  

And there it was.....like a light shown down from heaven.....

THE tree.

It was the most beautiful tree ever, and I realized after looking at it closely it was not a Fraser fir. 


How can I cheat on Fraser like that???

Easy...Nordmann fir.  
Ironically, it sounds like Nordstroms...so it must be high quality:)

Apparently, they are really popular in Europe...so I automatically feel super snazzy about it!  It's basically like a Fraser fir on steroids - greener, thicker needles.  It is absolutely gorgeous and as soon as we decorate this massive thing, I'll snap a photo for yall to awe over.  We already had to get a new stand and about 600 more lights.  

There is a small Holiday maze in the greenhouse with all sorts of displays.  Emma loves playing in there.  She also loves to be a part of the manger...

The 4 wise men.....

"baby Jesus needs his mommy...and a kiss"

Pretty sure riding the donkey is frowned upon...

But one more kiss for baby Jesus!

After selecting our prefect tree (which was only $35 and is over 7 feet tall!!!!!), we headed back to the cabin and we all get out a huge spread of homemade pimento cheese, wings, cheese dips, and WINE.  It is heavenly.  The food, fellowship, and tradition just makes my heart so full!!

And speaking of heart...I had been having some weird, very uncomfortable chest pains for a few days.  Sunday, it got even worse and I was very out of breath.  During church Sunday, I felt clammy and light headed, so Brent took me to urgent care (yes, we left during the sermon...sorry Pastor Chuck!), and my parents took care of Emma.  I tend to freak out anyway, but chest pain near your heart is super scary.  I knew I was in good health, but you read these stories about young, healthy people all of a sudden dying or being diagnosed with something terminal.  It sounds dramatic, but I was really worried and the pain was getting worse.  They did several chest x-rays and ruled out pneumo-thorax (thankfully), but couldn't really pinpoint anything (great....why oh why!!).  Cardiac issues were also ruled out, and my right lung did sound a bit off, so they are treating me for Pleurisy.  Now, I have had that before as a complication of Bronchitis.  I am really hoping the meds kick in soon because it is terribly uncomfortable..and I can't talk without getting winded..let alone walk from the car to my office.  So, please pray for me:)  I am feeling down, uncomfortable, and really want to be able to enjoy this season.  Maybe this is my reminder to sit back and relax...I'm not in control afterall.....:)

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