Monday, June 5, 2017

Dance Recital

When I signed Emma up for dance back in September, I was so pumped.  Emma was too...but I was so excited to get her involved in activities now that I was not working.  This weekend, she had her recital - her very first stage experience! But first, flashback to Wednesday afternoon, when she unfortunately got some serious stage fright at the studio and refused to dance in front of all the other classes.  It was chaos to begin with (think small studio, 50 kids, and 30 adults).  I had the truck because we were taking Molly home and I can fit 3 carseats across in the back seat.  Merritt hadn't napped, so I had to leave her in the truck with it running, blocking several cars in because the lot was so full.  Anywho...I had to run in and out and check on her, and noticed Emma's face getting all sad and before I knew it, she was balling and running over to me.  She was intimidated and didn't want to dance with all the other kids there.  I tried to calm her and be positive, but she didn't want to.  I felt so, so bad for her.  I knew she would regret it if she didn't do it.  The teacher brought her over and told her she didn't have to dance, and she could watch.  So I watched Emma's face go from nervous to left out in the 4 minutes it took for the rest of her peers to do the routine.  I knew she might be able to do it after that transformation.  Afterwards, while they were watching the other acts, Molly was being so sweet to her - and I could see her whole attitude start to turn around.  It was a sweet moment.  Molly was riding home with us, and I had to take a picture of them.  When she saw the truck, she yelled with excitement "This is my first time riding in a truck!!"

They then hijacked my phone and giggled the whole way to Molly's......

In the 7 minute ride, they managed to take 23 new pictures and 15 videos.  Lucky me!

So when Friday rolled around, I was nervous and I had spent lots of time positively encouraging her about the recital and dance in general.  Luckily, she got to wear makeup and her costume (which her sweet teacher MADE for them).  When we got to the high school, the girls sat in the front rows and then went behind stage in groups.  I was so relieved when I saw Emma walk out on stage with the rest of her class!  She did mess with her ponytail a lot, but she did good and she was smiling:)  Merritt was also super great and watched the whole rehearsal without making too much noise!

Saturday, I was still a little nervous for her, but she seemed fine.  I snapped these before the show started.

Then, I thought I was videoing, but apparently I was still in photo mode, so this is all I got.  I did video the rehearsal and another friend sent me her video too.  So at least I have it:)

After the show, Emma was excited and we gave her flowers.  She was not into picture taking though.  I am not sure she really realized what a big deal this was for her to overcome her fear, but I am super proud of her!

We missed getting a picture with Jane also....which I really wanted.  For awhile, the class was just the 3 of them:)

I really loved her dance class this year.  I think the studio is laid back, the teacher is wonderful and so creative, and I loved this outlet for Emma.  I will definitely be signing her up for it again next year!

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