Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Currently loving.....

Some things I'm loving right now.....

Hillshire snacking plates

Oh my word, I literally have 3-4 a week for lunch.  They are cheap ($3-4), easily transportable, and sooo good.  The Genoa salami and Gouda cheese one is my fave.  I have found them at Walmart, Target, Harris Teeter, and Food Lion....but they are cheapest at Walmart.

Athleta Offshore bathing suit

My mom bought me this suit and I LOVE it.  I have received a ton of compliments when I wear it.  Its reversible too.  For some reason, the high neck seems to balance my hips out...which I like.  And since my boobs are 2 different sizes (you laugh...but it's not funny), this camouflages that.

Shell necklaces

I have been trying to use any spare minute I can to crank out some pieces.  I went through a lot of my beading supplies and had a ton of shells leftover from 2 years ago.  I used to make a lot of shell pieces, then I sort of stopped.  I emailed Nofo and asked if they wanted any, and she said they'd be great for summer. (Lee, the buyer, has a great eye and knows what will sell or not)  So I got to work.  I must admit, I like them more than I thought and am secretly keeping some for myself:)

Underwood rose can wine
I ca only find this at Whole Foods so far, and it's $7 a can....but really nice for the pool.  I do recommend sharing a can if day-drinking.  I found myself a bit loopy after 3/4 one day at the pool (mom-fail).  The rose is my fave, but I've also tried the bubbles...also good.

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  1. oh man - lunch and wine to go for around $10 - pool time!