Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Start of Summer

As sad as I am about not going to Pre-K anymore this year, I am loving the lazy, no plans days of summer ahead.  Emma and I have already made our Summer Bucket List - and I know we will keep busy.

The first day of summer was spent at the gym, eating lunch outside at Brixx, and then just hanging out.

Our second day started with a marathon trip to the Walmart in Morrisville (sooo worth the extra 10 minute drive).  We were treated like royalty - Emma got to be the new fitting room attendant (while I tried on a sports bra), got a free cupcake and balloon from the ladies who do online grocery shopping there, and we came home with a bunch of great groceries for less.

Merritt is really growing fast this past week - doing fairly well with sleep - up once a night, and even slept through the night until 6am one night!  I don't mind getting up once - that's way better than multiple times.  She is sitting up on her own with ease now and even leaning forward and pushing herself back up.  She is almost always very happy.  She's done great at church nursery and the gym nursery.  I am so relieved:)

We spent Memorial Day weekend at home together as a family!  We busted out the backyard pools and enjoyed the sunshine.

Merritt loved to splash around in her pool.  But she only lasts about a half hour, then she gets tired/hungry.

Brooklyn came over to play with Emma everyday, and they had a blast.  They played so well together.  We are so lucky to have these friends next door.

This girl loves Sunny.  Whenever she hears her meow, her face lights up and she looks all around the room to find her.

Emma has been a great big sister lately.  She has her moments of not wanting to share, but for the most part, she loves this new role.  Every night, she comes into Merritt's room while I'm feeding her and gives us both a sweet, gentle kiss and says goodnight.  Brent usually puts her to bed since I am getting Merritt down, so as soon as I get done, I always go in Emma's room to tuck her in again.  She always sweetly says "I love you mommy" and my heart melts.  She has been really helpful and really grown lately.  She can write her name and Merritt's.  And if I spell out words for her, she can write them without seeing the letters.  She is so proud of herself.  She also loves playing with her babies.  if you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she will say "a mommy." 

We are really excited for the weeks ahead.  It will take some getting used to with Merritt's nap and feeding schedule, but I'm looking forward to it. Happy Summer!

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