Sunday, June 25, 2017

Life lately

One of my goals when Emma got out of preschool for the summer was to get Merritt on a better schedule.  For the most part, she was falling asleep in the car on the way to and from school or errands, which was great, until I realized I was never having any time to get anything done, unless you count driving around as "getting something done."  This past week, I've worked really hard on getting her to nap in her crib, which should also help with bedtime.  I am happy to report that, so far it's going really well!!  She has slept in her crib all by two mornings for over an hour.  And one of those days, she took her long nap in the afternoon in her crib, and the other was just a fluke I guess:)  She's also waking up after I nurse her when I place her in the crib and putting herself to sleep - big woohoo!!  And she's done better at night also - 2 nights she slept until 6am!  We are also feeding her more real food - she gets 3 servings of baby food a day - the last one is mixed in with rice cereal made with formula.  And she is nursing around 5 times a day, and maybe once overnight. 
I have to say this has been a confidence and attitude booster for me.  I have been able to get things done, spend time with Emma, and just take a breather. 
Oh...and did I mention Brent has been out of town since Thursday????  Big shoutout to all the moms whose husbands travel regularly for work - yall rock.  I think the hardest part is the emotional exhaustion.  But so far, we have survived!

Cracker Barrel to send off Daddy!  I totally dominated some blueberry pancakes!

I sent Brent morning pics of the kids....the morning is the best time with them.  Everyone is in a good mood:)

I pool crashed again with a friend - I need to decide whether to join or not:)  I put Merritt in the stroller to take with me to the bathroom so I could pee, and poor thing zonked out on the 1 minute walk there.  Emma played hard for 4 hours straight in the pool. 

Merritt has the same disposition as Emma....pretty chill and laid back.  She rarely fusses and is very easy going.  I am one lucky mama, for sure.

I am enjoying seeing them together.  In the car, it's really funny because Merritt is way too nosey to fall asleep sometimes.  All she can do is strain to see what her sister is doing in the seat next to her.

My man, presenting at his conference.  I have no idea what he was talking about...but man, we are proud of him.  I just think he's the best dad, husband, and pharmacist around:)

We have 2 birthday parties this afternoon (one kid, one adult), and then daddy should be home later!  I hope everyone had a great weekend - and cheers for the less humid weather we are having today!!

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