Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Weekend update

Besides having Emma's dance recital, we also had 2 parties and a bid birthday for my dad this weekend.  Saturday was my dad's 67th birthday, so I brought him Rise donuts and took him out to canoe on University Lake.  We used to do this when I was a kid, so I thought it would be a fun outing. 

Emma also met us out there later and wanted to ride along!

After Emma's recital, we had a going away party to attend.  My sweet friend, Sarah, and her family are moving to VA.  And while I am so happy for them (it's a return to family and "home" for them), I am so sad to see them go.  I met Sarah at PopUp workout, but we also went to the same church and bible study.  She was the first one to invite me to bible study, actually -something I am very thankful for.  Their party was also my first night time outing away from Merritt.  Our friends, the Mitchell's kept the girls because my parents had birthday plans already.  I was nervous, and of course I didn't take any pictures.  I did wear this cute dress and these earrings. (by the way...loving off shoulder tops and dresses for nursing too!)
We stayed until 8pm (woohoo....living dangerous!), and Merritt was great.  They took the girls out for pizza and she was just starting to fuss when we returned.  I admit...it was really nice to get out with Brent, spend time with friends, and relax for a little while.  I actually didn't check my phone for over an hour!

Jane sent me these to let me know all was well!

Sunday, we had church, then that afternoon we had a 50th wedding anniversary party in Lillington.  It was awesome - BBQ, lakeside, and Band of Oz.  I loved seeing my ski friends, and celebrating the Coble's  We have known them for over 25 years and they are like family.  I practically lived with them for several summers in my teen years. 

Emma spent the afternoon playing with Brooke...who has a heart of gold.  Emma just adores her and follows her around everywhere.

We ended the night with a daddy daughter dance to "Over the Rainbow" (which I did video).  It will for sure be a tear jerker in 20 years at Emma's wedding:)

O, there you have it....a busy but really fun weekend.  And this week.......Brent is off work ALL week!!!!  Happy summer!

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