Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Happy 5th birthday, Emma!

As usual, this post has been running through my brain at all hours of the night waiting to be typed.  This past Saturday, we celebrated Emma's 5th birthday.  She wanted a surprise party with a rainbow cake, but we settled for a princess dance party at her studio with 8 of her friends:)

She wanted sausage for breakfast....just sausage:) 

Emma's dance teacher is so creative and good with kids. 

All of the girls!  It warmed my heart to see Emma with her friends.  This was her first "friend" party.  All past years, she has had more family parties.  She did really well, despite being overwhelmed a few times.

I cannot believe she is 5!!

We celebrated the rest of the day outside with her new slip n slide!

This has been a BIG year for Emma, so I was glad to celebrate her.  We finished the day with Chick-fil-A and more cake:)

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