Friday, June 30, 2017

7 months!

Merritt is 7 months old today! 

We often call her Mer-Mer, Da Mer Mer, Fragiles (prounounced fra-geelz, as in when she's moody, she is fra-geely), Poops, Toot Toot, and Baby M. 

She sits up on her own great - rarely falls over!  She is not crawling yet, and doesn't show many signs of it.  We are squealing, but no pronounced sounds yet. 

Merritt takes 2 naps in her crib a day (at least one good one, and we try for a second).  She goes down about 8-9pm and gets up once around 3am (sometimes we skip that and let mom sleep all night!).  But she's only up for about 35 minutes (eating), then down again until 7ish or after. 

Everything goes in her mouth:)  She loves to play with her sister's magnatiles, little people blocks, and whatever is around her.  She loves all baby food and rice cereal, and we are working on a sippy ups with water.  She has the chunkiest legs and she is so squishy!  I love to snuggle and pinch her rolls!

Merritt is a very happy baby.  I hate to toot my own horn, but the girl loves her mama.  She literally squeals with delight when she sees me and if I walk out of the room without acknowledging her, she gets upset.  She does do fine at stay and play at the gym, however (phew!).  Merritt also loves Sunny...she loves any animals actually. 

I cannot believe how far we've come - those first few months were precious, but newborn life is challenging.  I am loving all the new stages of her growing, and we are just so smitten with this smile:)

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