Friday, June 16, 2017

Life lately

So far, summer has bene great.  I've managed to keep both kids alive, all day, everyday.  I will probably still send Emma to camp once or twice because I think she misses it.  But for now, we are rolling along ok!

Brent was off all week last week.  We did a lot of projects, and some fun things as well.  I guess it was our staycation...

Brent and I went on a day date to Counting House for lunch - soooo good and such a cool place.

Wednesday, we took the boat to the lake and had such a great day.  The weather was gorgeous - no humidity and not too hot.

I had to take a picture of my Tomahawk Motel koozie.....

Merritt enjoyed being on the boat!

My make-do sun shade...

Look at the sky here...there was no rain, just lots of clouds rolling by.  Really cool...

Friday, my mo and I took Emma to get her first pedicure.  She has had manicures, but never a pedicure. 

I would say she handled it like a pro:)

She even got a smoothie!

And so what if it's 10am...mimosa time!

Meanwhile, Brent took Merritt to Lowe's....I'd say she had fun.

We went to Fridays on the Front Porch that night.

Saturday was Emma's birthday, then Sunday I took the girls to Lake Magnolia in Smithfield for a tournament.  I got crazy and decided to ski my first slalom set since 2015.  I skied last year while pregnant, but only trick skied.  I only took 3 passes and was wiped out.  But man, it was fun.

Merritt loved all the attention:)

She loved the water too.  I need a better float for her....this one is a bit advanced.

Emma spent the entire afternoon in the lake.  No complaints on her end!

Monday, my friend Laurie took us to her pool because we are thinking of joining.  Emma and Mooly play well together.  Emma could not stop talking about going all day.  She was so pumped.  You can tell this girl doesn't get to a pool often. (that makes me sound like a bad mom!)

Merritt enjoyed it too!!

Tuesday and Wednesday, I spent a lot of time getting new pieces together for Nofo.  I didn't take any pictures of the necklaces or bracelets, but did snap a photo of some of the earrings.  These are fun for summer, and I've been enjoying doing new styles. I've just ordered some new pieces for dangles and studs and can't wait to make them.

When I dropped off my goods at the store, I immediately spotted this adorable outfit.  First, this antler necklace was the last one of my pieces she had (the rest had all sold!).  Second, I need this off the shoulder  Third, I sooo wish I could pull off a hat.  I never quite feel right wearing one.  But man, sooo cute!!

We are headed to the lake again this weekend - hope everyone is having a great week!

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