Monday, May 29, 2017

Meeting Adrian!

I love reading blogs - fashion, home, parenting, cooking.... I even like writing this one even though I will never be famous for it:)

Adrian Wood, the author of the blog, Tales of an Educated Debutante, is such a talented writer. I love how honest, raw, and poetic she is. Her writing has a bit of stream of consciousness feel, but it's very easy to follow.  The English major in me just eats up her words and all the feelings that come with it. 
I think she gained a lot of attention after her Lululemon post - which was hilarious and true and thank God someone said it!  I love the store, but agree completely with Adrian, and rarely buy anything there (unless it's on sale).  And when Athleta reached to her and offered for her to come to the Raleigh store, I knew I had to go see her.  I love Athleta - although I will also say their prices are up there, but at least they have a few sales. 

So, I packed up my girls and my mom and we ventured to Crabtree last week for free wine, snacks, makeovers, and a chance to say hey to Mrs. Wood.  Emma wasn't in the best mood, and evenings aren't Merritt's jam yet, so we didn't stay long.  Hopefully I didn't win one of the "you need to be present to win" raffles....

Adrian was delightful - so down to earth, funny, and just a great person.  I knew I could sit and have drinks with her and have a blast.  My dear friend, Val, is actually a friend of hers.  Val worked with Adrian's youngest son as his speech therapist and she wrote a beautiful tribute to her on her blog here. 

If you get a chance to meet  And if you're a mom or a writer or just love reading in general, check out her blog!  Her Instagram is also a great one to follow:)

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