Friday, May 5, 2017

Weekend update

I'm running out of clever post titles - and most of the time, I'm always giving little snippets of life around here.  A lot of outside time, a lot of pictures on my iPhone of the girls, and not much else.

We've headed out to Jordan Lake the last 2 weeks in a row - although this past week the lake was 10 feet above normal and our beach was gone.  But, we were there and packed, and it was a beautiful day, so we stayed anyway.

I'm hoping the levels subside so we can head out again this week. 

Friday, we gave Merritt her first ever food -rice cereal.  It wasn't a huge hit or miss...she really didn't care for it either way.  I think with time she will get the hang of it. 

This weekend, my ant and uncle were in town - they come twice a year and I LOVE their visits!!!!  Friday night, we all went down to Southern Season for a wine tasting.  It was delicious:)

I had to take Merritt home to put her down, but Brent and Emma stayed and ate burgers at my parents.  Brent texted and said Emma was living it up, talking away all night:)

Merritt was the life of the party all weekend too - there wasn't a moment when she wasn't being held and snuggled:)

Saturday, we ate breakfast at the Weathervane outside, then played with my dad's vintage building bricks.

We then went to the Fearrington (3rd weekend in a row for us!) to listen to music, eat pizza, and drink.  It was a bit hot (like almost 90), but we had a good time anyway.

Emma made some new friends to play with the whole time...

Sunday, we went to church then Merritt napped at home (not in a car seat!!!), so I was able to get a few things done around the house!  Brent got a new pressure washer, so he was busy washing anything he could get his hands on.  He did dust off the pool, and next thing I knew, Emma had gone inside and changed into her bathing suit.

My aunt and uncle came over for Mexican and margaritas (but sadly, the power went out for like 2 hours), so luckily, we could eat our food, but couldn't make the drinks - BOO.

I was so so sad to say goodbye to Aunt Paula and Bampi (as all the grandkids call him), and can't wait for their next visit in September.  I'm hoping one of these days, we actually stop talking about going to visit in Maine and actually DO it:)

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