Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Weekly update

Another week gone by....here's what we've been up to lately!

We are still trying solids with Merritt...but she's still not loving them.  She doesn't seem to really be getting the whole "open your mouth and eat" thing.  Any advice?  She's only 5 months, but I remember Emma was eating at this age, or close to it.

Emma loves to take care of Merritt.  If I need to do something, I'll ask Emma to keep an eye out on her.  I rounded the corner the other day to see this scene....

The store where I sell my jewelry gave me a shoutout on their insta....no, I'm not famous and only like 20 people saw it.  But still....I'll take any praise I get!

Tuesday, I went over to a friends to help watch another friend's kids for the morning.  Kelly has 4 boys, so Sarah and I tag teamed...although really they were awesome and Sarah didn't need my help anyhow.
Merritt is almost sitting up on her own now.

I snapped this photo for Emma...who loves Jay:)

Here are all the boys mesmerized by Cars...I will say this was enlightening for me.  First - I have 2 kids, not 4. Second, mine are girls and WAYYY different than boys. 

Here is Miss Merritt sitting up on her own!

And this girl loves a phone!

Brent made fun of me the whole day because my shirt had a rip in it...on purpose.  He just couldn't figure out why I would purposefully wear a ripped shirt.  He actually tried to tell me gently when I came down that morning that there was something wrong with my shirt, expecting me to be all upset like I didn't know it. Whatevs...this is the style!
So, being the jackrabbit he is, he waltzed in that night sporting his own ripped white shirt.  He was so proud of himself (insert eye roll here).  We laughed all night about it, and of course I took his picture.  Maybe we should start selling our own line of ripped shirts:)

Merritt has been a little off with her nap schedule lately, meaning she always would take one from 9-11, but this week refused it.  I was nervous about working out, but I walked in to find her happy as a clam.

Thursday was beautiful, so I walked with Merritt to Chronic Tacos after my TRX class. (my first time eating there...and super yummy!)

On the way back to the car, I ran into an old client of mine when I worked at J. Crew.  Betsy is partially blind and would always come in with her guide dog, who looked just like my yellow lab.  We became friends, and I've seen her a few times in the last few years.  Anyway, she is amazing and sooo nice and I was so happy she got to meet Merritt and I met her new guide dog.  I have a serious soft spot for yellow labs and truly believe they are miraculous dogs.  What a treat!

Friday morning, I met my friend Kelsie for breakfast at the Root Cellar!  Love Merritt's face - she always has this deer in the headlights look!

Friday night, I frantically realized that Peace's graduation was the next day, and not next weekend, like I had thought.  So we changed our plans to make sure we went.  This was my last class of kids that I advised and I wanted to go be there for their big moment.

This is William - I proctored several tests for him over the years, and he was a regular at tutoring.  He is smart as a whip and the nicest, most gentle soul.  He is going to attend grad school in the fall for his Master's in English!

Amanda was my office assistant these past 2 years and a life saver.  She was also one of my advisees.  I am so proud of her and so excited for her future. 

Alex was one of my PSY and Writing tutors....and earned Valedictorian!!

Taylor was my BIO and Anthropology tutor and AWESOME!  She is applying to pharmacy school next year:)

It was freezing...cold and windy.  So we headed inside the building to watch it on the livestream on our phones instead of being outside.  Taylor is one of my professional tutors and such a kind person.  Emma adores her, and I was glad to share the morning with her!

Merritt did good...but we didn't stay for the whole thing.  It started sprinkling and the kids were cold and tired (well, Merritt was tired).  My goal was to watch them walk out and see them, and I accomplished it.  It was sooo good to see faculty, colleagues, and students and I miss them.  But, I wouldn't trade my life now.  I know I am right where I need to be:)

That afternoon, we spent some time doing chores and then headed to the Fearrington....again.  But first....had to snap some tailgate pics.  Merritt already loves trucks!

Eating some pizza crust...

Emma picked these flowers for our hair.  I just adore this girl and love how grown she has become.  Actually, I hate it...I want her to stop growing and I want to cry when I think about her getting any bigger!!!!!!!

Sunday was a hard day.  A skiing friend passed away and I went to a Memorial Service/BBQ for him.  It was really, really hard.  Brice was a really talented and kind kid.  He always had the best smile and was so genuine.  He had the gift of being to relate to anyone, of any age, at any time.  I will always remember his kind words to me after I skied, and his genuine spirit.

He suffered for quite some time with schizophrenia, which caused him to end of his life.  It was more than heartbreaking to find out, and seeing his parents was gut wrenching.  As his friend, my heart aches knowing he was going through so much.  And as a parent, my heart is ripped apart thinking about how that affected them.  Please pray for their family:(

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