Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nesting at almost 40 weeks...

**I am finishing this post at the hospital!!  It is currently 5am November 30, and my water broke at home at about 2:30, so Praise God for a clear sign that it's time to go in!  I made it through my birthday and had the most wonderful day with Emma, but I was very uncomfortable for most of it.  I guess the next post will be about baby Merritt's arrival, so keep us in your prayers!!**

This post is dedicated to the hubs...who by God's grace has put up with he most OCD preggo that ever walked the planet.  If it wasn't in it's place, I definitely told him.  I've asked him to do everything from pick up ANYTHING on the floor, go get random items at the store last minute, clean the yard, put up Christmas, build this....paint that...and even put my socks on...because I can't put on my left sock anymore....and I'm sure the right foot will be impossible if we don't have a baby soon.

I've been paranoid about labor - not knowing when to go, not getting there in time for an epidural, and almost just as scary - leaving a dirty, unorganized home.  I've been busy cleaning, rearranging, organizing, and getting rid of.  And feels sooooo good.  But, Brent and Emma...I am so sorry. 

Most of what I have done is boring - like clean out closets, get rid of old clothes, and go through almost all of Emma's clothes and toys.  But I will share some pics of the progress...

I'm no pro excuse the amateur pics.  This is Emma's room.  I really love her room.  I could live in it.  It's cozy and girlie, and so inviting.  It is honestly one of my favorite places.

I found these great floating art frames at Target (and they were buy one, get one free this past weekend)  If you're looking for good art frames, these are great!

This is Merritt's room, and also the room with our spare bed.  But I don't anticipate any overnight company.  I will probably sleep here for a few weeks:)  Brent still needs to add drawer pulls to the changing table, and I need more art work on the wall, especially above her crib.  Oh...and a rug.

I tried to make it a good mix of adult and baby...just because the space is shared for now. 

Meanwhile, Brent has been busy with Christmas outside.....

Brent made this pallet Christmas tree for free (Ace Hardware has free pallets), and we added the colored retro large bulb lights. I love it:)

Brent also made this rustic star for his "castle" (as Emma calls it). 

The wreaths also light up, and hopefully the lights on the bushes will be put up by the end of the week.  Baby or not, Brent is taking off Thursday and Friday, so we are looking forward to either time together or time with a new baby in the family.  Hope everyone is having a great week!

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