Monday, December 5, 2016

Miss Merritt Elizabeth Talley

Early last Wednesday morning, the day after my very own birthday, God answered my prayer with a clear sign of labor when my water broke at 2am.  We called my mom, packed a few last minute things, and headed to UNC.  I was only 1cm, but the potossin quickly worked and by noon, I was at 8cm.  I did have a few hours of pushing and resting, as Miss M was "sunnyside up" (face up) and was having a hard time getting past my pelvic bone.  But some resting in odd positions and after 2 hours she had turned.  The delivery nurse had to run and get the doctor fast, and she barely had enough time to get her gown and gloves on.  It was that quick....and painless, thanks to my epidural. 

Merritt Elizabeth Talley
Born November 30, 2016
2:36 pm
7 pounds, 3 ounces

The Talley Family

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