Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Life lately....

I am way behind on some blog posts, and the more I think about it, the more I agree that less is more - so enjoy the short, but sweet version of life these days!!!

Emma's getting very good at selfies....

And loves to snuggle torture Swerve.

Emma asked to take a picture with me, which never happens!!  It's an awful one of me, but I'll take it!

My sweet family surprised me with a birthday dinner last weekend since Merritt is due 2 days away from my actual day.  I felt really special....and any excuse to have salmon and cake, really it's a no brainer!

I am loving the cooler weather - finally!  Nothing beats a walk right around late afternoon when the sun is just setting and the air chills.  We are working on our bike riding skills....a true test in patience for me.

My friend, Brandi, asked for a bump pic, and I haven't really taken any.  So I asked Emma to take this while we were playing outside....not bad for a 4 year old!  (disclaimer - this sweater makes me look huge!)

The Jones' made it to town, so we met up with the Grimes' and had dinner at Top of the Hill for the Duke Caroline game.  What a blast getting to hang out with these friends!

We had a little excitement last week at our 37 week appointment where Merritt was caught red handed in the breech position.  They scheduled an external cephalic version for the very next day at 9am.  I don't want to go into much detail because it was much more intense, traumatic, stressful.... than I'd anticipated.  Let's just say, I am not doing that again.  I basically had to plan for an emergency c-section and was at the hospital for almost 5 hours.  The whole turning of the baby lasted an entirety of 90 seconds....but it was the most uncomfortable 90 seconds ever.  It was a success, so we are hoping Merritt stays head down.  At this point, if she flips back, we just schedule a c-section for next week.  What the what?  Where has 9 months gone??????

We went to Brent's F3 cookout Saturday and enjoyed the most beautiful day outside with friends!

Brent completed the F3D3 - basically torture.  6 days of 2 workouts a day.  As crazy as this is, I am sure am proud of my man and his commitment to this great community of Godly men.  Oh...and I just happen to adore their families too:)

I bribed Emma to wear one of my old dresses......and I can't wait to find a picture of me wearing it to show her.  These 2 pics were taken on a hard day for me - lots of discomfort and soreness from the version, and some hormones thrown in.....

But nothing a smoothie can't help....I may have been 3 times this week....stop judging....it's a carrot kale smoothie...so basically a salad, right?

I was stupid and agreed to sell at a church bazaar this week.  At 38 weeks, I must be committed into an insane asylum.  I am ready though, I think.   But not after a lot of tears, meltdowns, and yelling.  I don't think I have nearly enough pieces, but I can't do anything about it now.  My sanity is worth more. I won't ever plan anything for the last month again. EVER.

Here's a small sample of what I'll be selling.  If you're in Raleigh, it's Tuesday night from 6-8 and Wednesday from 10-2 at Hayes Barton United Methodist Church, located in Five Points.  Part of the proceeds go to support the church:)  

That's life...for now.  Prayers that the soreness and discomfort from the version will go away quickly so I can have some normalcy before Merritt gets here!  And for my nerves....I am a hot mess of anxiety these days not knowing that life will be like in the next few weeks!!

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