Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Stepping out of my comfort zone...

Back in the spring, a friend in Raleigh approached me about buying a table at her church's bazaar.  I saw the date - middle of November - and thought, well it's close to my due date, but not that close.
Well....I was was 2 weeks away. 
I also thought, well...I've never done this before but I'm sure I'll spend all summer and early fall preparing and learning and making stock.
Well....I was wrong...I waited and procrastinated and scrambled to the finish like any good college freshman.

This picture was taken on the second day, and I was actually running low on pieces (a good thing, I guess!) 

Emma was an awesome helper and helped me set up the first afternoon!

Couldn't have done it without this rockstar!  The bazaar was only a block away from his store, so he came down A LOT to check in.  He also knew half the customers there, which was a boost for sales:)

The second day was supposed to be way crazier than the first night, but it ended up being manageable!  Some ofother vendors were disappointed (and I understand that if this is your livelihood), but I was relieved!  I got hid HARD the night before and was really, really nervous about the longer day ahead.

I really had a blast doing it, even if it almost sent me into labor (literally).  I met some really awesome people, made some great contacts (more future retail???), and just felt very humbled and honored to be there.  I kept feeling like an amateur, but hey, I put myself out there, people loved my pieces, and I feel good about the work I've done.  When it comes to turning hobbies into small doesn't get much better than that!  Oh...and I made some money...which I immediately wanted to spend on more supplies....but decided not to since I am taking a bit of a break until I see what life is like after the Holiday.  But....if you want anything at all, just let me know and I am happy to see if I can accommodate! 

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