Monday, November 14, 2016

Child of the Week!

Westminster does such a good job of making each child feel special - and last week was Emma's turn:)  The sweet teachers made sure to do it before I had baby, so Brent and I could participate.

We had a blast filling out the questions they sent home - of course, Emma had a bout 5 answers for each one:)

When she answered the one below, I probably melted into a pile....and I still do, honestly.  Maybe I am actually doing a good job at this mommy thing, after all!

On Tuesday, Brent came with me to drop her off to read a book to the class.  I was totally the cheesiest mom and took pics the whole time.  I loved being in her class and seeing how her day started.

Emma could not have been more proud of her dad.  She had been talking about this all week, and I'm not sure she stopped grinning the whole day!  Brent read one of Emma's faves - Miss Lina's Ballerinas.

We had been doing a lot of carpool with our friend, Abigail - and I LOVE doing it!  One more, we also got to pick up Jay....whom Emma secretly has a huge crush on I think:)  For Emma, it didn't get any better than this!!!

On Thursday, I came in to her class to share a hobby - beads!!  I picked up some pipe cleaners and beads and the kids all made bracelets.  I really did have the best time with them!  I just loved sharing this with them and getting to talk to the kids and her sweet teachers.  What a difference from daycare....I don't mean any disrespect, but so far the pre-school world rocks!!

Even the boys got into it and all the kids made more than one bracelet - SUCCESS!!

Emma's friends, Jane and Abigail really got into it...Jane was like a machine.  I think I may hire her to come help with my next jewelry show!

It was such a fun week to celebrate Emma, but more importantly, be a part of her life at school.  I am sappy and hormonal and irrational, but dang...what a privilege it was for me to do those things with her this week!!!

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