Monday, October 3, 2016

Life lately....

I didn't post at all last week:(  To be fair, it was my last week of work (officially).  I will post more on that later, and thankfully, I am easing out by working about 5-10 hours a week until baby comes, or they hire for my position.  But it is nice to not worry about going in every week and figuring out childcare, appts., daily routines, etc...
The phone is quickly accumulating too many pics again....enjoy our life in pics below:)
Emma loves helping  Brent outside.  This day, he was replacing some siding that had rotted on the back corner of our house.  Emma decided her playhouse was in need of repair too:)

31 week case you cared!

Our poor cats are tortured daily....Emma thought Sunny needed glasses!

Celebrating Jen and her 40th birthday at Primal!!  I made it until 9:45pm - woohoo!

Again, torturing cats....

Emma is still really LOVING dance class:)

I stopped in at NOFO to drop off some more pieces and spotted these beauties on some manequins!

Now baby doll is also getting tortured with the cats.

I loolk ridiculously large in this must be the lighting...or the way I am laying.  I am not that big, y'all.....YET.

Emma loves dancing with her daddy:)

Emma helping  Brent paint...I might have freaked out when I actually saw her with a real roller and paint:)
My Target run date....she sure is cute!!

Happy Monday, friends!!

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