Monday, October 24, 2016

State Fair

I don't think we went to the fair last year, so we decided we should go this year, especially with the beautiful weather we were having, and the fact that we have FREE tickets every year.  We went last Friday because Brent was off, and man...even with the decline in attendance this year, it was super crowded. Parking seemed to be worse this year too.....either that, or this 8 month preggo was NOT feeling all the walking.  I rallied and went for the good of the family, but I wouldn't do it again:)

As soon as we walked in, we saw Rita Roo and Emma went up to hug her.

Emma was finally tall enough to do a lot of the kid rides (as opposed to 2 years ago when we took her).  She wanted the ferris wheel, but the line was too long (thank God...because I don't do heights, and I wasn't really into watching them go up that high either).  When Emma saw this bungee jump thing, she had to go.  I thought for sure she would wimp out, but she did it THREE times!!!  She loved it!!

She rode the merry go round twice (with Brent...nausea and going around in circles is a real thing, y'all). 
And then we headed to see the livestock and award winning pumpkins.
Emma saw some kids on this antique tractor and wanted to climb it too!

We were really only there for about 3 hours, but it felt like an eternity.  I was either walking or standing the whole time, and my body was over it by the walk to the car.  I almost wanted to fake labor for a ride to the car #noshame
It was fun to see Emma enjoy being there, and of course - I savor any time I get with Brent being off work!

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