Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Brent's birthday!

I really wanted to do something special for Brent's birthday this year, so I decided to throw a semi-surprise party for him this past Saturday.  I say "semi" because he did know about it, but not until the day before:)  My sweet hubby turned 36 this year...not a huge milestone, but I'm thankful for every year with him.  I am so so thankful for all our friends for helping me celebrate him.  And extremely grateful for my parents and aunt and uncle (who just happened to be visiting the right weekend!) for helping me clean up, get food, and throw the party!!
I knew Brent would want to watch the Heels play at 3:30, so I scrambled earlier in the week to upgrade our TWC package so we could get ESPN:) 
As soon as I told Brent, all he could think of was what needed to be done around the house to get ready:)  I had been stressing all week trying to get things in order and finish staining the playset, all while also in my last full week of work.  Thankfully, Brent loves projects and liked having a deadline to get some things done outside so we could have people over (but seriously, sorry honey!)
We had at least 20 kids over (16 of which were BOYS!), and about 25 adults.  We set the TV outside and had plenty of benches and chairs.  The kids played football and used the playset the whole afternoon.  The weather was glorious, my dad brought over a keg, and I had BBQ from Sam's Club in the crock pot.  Friends kicked in with sides and apps, and of course, I got a cake from Whole Foods:)  It was a really good time and Brent and I both felt so blessed to be around our friends.  Oh...and the Heels won in the last 4 seconds...it was awesome!!

Thank you, Rebekah for taking pics:)

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