Sunday, October 30, 2016

Movie playdate

Emma didn't have school Friday, and I saw that the forecast was calling for rain, so I decided we would consider going to the movies at Silverspot.  For local people, this is the ONLY place to watch a movie.  Huge, clean seats, smaller theaters, great food and drink (alcoholic!!), and just a nicer experience.  it may be a few dollars extra, but it's not like I go to the movies all the, I believe it's worth it.

I invited Emma's friend from school, Abigail.  She lives nearby so we have carpooled some and Emma had an awesome playdate at her house the week before. 

Riding in the car with 2 girls to the movies was an experience in itself....I felt like I had teenagers!  They were giggly and silly the entire way and I was worried that maybe a quiet movie theater was NOT the best idea. 

When we arrived, both girls were really excited - I think mostly just to be out and together. 

When I had told Emma we were going the day before, her face lit up and she quickly asked "We're going to the ourselves???  Without parents?????!!!"  To which, I quickly jumped in to clarify that this boring old mama was going, so sorry!

I had the girls stop for a picture in front of the poster.  We saw friend, Sally, said it was cute, and it was the only kid movie playing there, so Storks it was!  The girls got a popcorn and shared it, and I brought along small bottles of water for them.  They also shared a gummy worms pack:)
I, on the otherhand, got fancy and ordered a tiramisu.  I usually get a beer or glass of wine to take in, but I figured that was frowned on in public, pregnant, during the day, with I went the dessert route.

We had the small theater all to ourselves, which was great!! Emma wanted to sit with next to me, which secretly made my heart melt:)

They did a really good job the whole one had to pee (a small victory for them....HUGE one for me) and the movie was super cute.  At one point, a Justin Timberlake song came on and they both started dancing in their was priceless.  I immediately texted Brent and thanked him for working so hard so that I could do this with Emma and her friends.  THIS was the reason my heart felt compelled to stay at home (well...that and another baby and the fact that daycare is another mortgage payment....)

All in all, it was an excellent time!  It was exhausting wrangling Emma at the end (she can get very defiant and bossy with me), but we are both learning how to do all this.  The life of carpools and playdates is so new to me, but I am soaking it in.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with some wonderful students and colleagues for 4 years of Emma's life, but even more grateful to enjoy this precious time serving my family now.

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